Owner’s Story: Stacey’s Cozy Gray 4,600 sq. ft. Barndominium in Texas (Just Under $100/sq. ft.)

Stacey's Cozy Gray Barndominium In Texas

It would be nice to have a cozy abode, especially in a quiet suburb like Grimes County in Texas. This quaint gray barndo is perfect for such an idyllic setting, mellowing out the expansive meadows while offering a secured living space and shop.

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Without further ado, let’s get down to this barndo’s details and learn about Stacey’s house-building journey as we explore her sweet home.

Home Details








2,100 sq. ft. + 2,500 sq. ft. garage & shop

Construction Time

12 months





Right side view of Stacey's Barndominium
Right-side view of Stacey’s Barndominium

Barndo Building Process

Stacey and her family chose a simple bungalow barndominium as their home. They planned and constructed this house with the assistance of Kimich Construction, their trusted contractor. 

Hallway with white doors and a star patterned rug
Hallway with white doors and a star-patterned rug

The house has a 35 x 80 ft. floor area, enough to take in 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and covered carports. It was built within a year, costing them $447,000 in total. The main residence has a matching detached shop covering 2,500 sq. ft. of space. It also serves as the parking bay for their boat and RV, and a stash for their hobby equipment.

Financing – How Did Stacey Do It?

Stacey did not disclose any information about her financing regarding this barndominium’s construction.

Cozy stone fireplace right next to a window
Cozy stone fireplace right next to a window

Stacey’s Barndominium Exterior – Warm and Sheer Gray Country Barndo

The exterior screams neutral and warm shades of gray, leaving a natural appeal that blends well with the earthy surroundings. The owners made an excellent choice pairing the shop’s facade with the main house while maintaining a distinction between the two units. They incorporated texture elements, such as stonecraft base wainscot, to differentiate between the two units. Both structures are conveniently placed and coordinated for the occupants’ ease.

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Front view of Stacey's Texas Barndominium
Front view of Stacey’s Texas Barndominium

This post-frame home has not only one but two shaded porches–handy areas to enjoy with friends and guests while looking over the great pastures. The french entry door is also classic with the complementary wall sconce that gives an inviting feel to the barndo.

Interior – Airy Quarters

This barndominium unit’s indoors are as neat and bright as the exterior. The whole level renders comfortable living zones perfect for Stacey’s family. She has the advantage of a great room capacity, thanks to the open plan that the barndo offers.

How about we get a closer view within the bounds of this cozy house, shall we?

Living Area

Within entry, the guests will walk through the spacious foyer adorned with a console table and a lovely clock piece. Right across is the spacious 23-foot tall great room with a homey setup. The stone-cladded fireplace/feature wall that goes well with the warm and relaxing ambiance is a work of art. All the floors in the house are sealed and polished concrete. As seen, Stacey designed her space pleasantly with modern style and hunter decors for a twist.

Cozy and spacious living room with an elegant L-shaped sofa
Comfy living room with an elegant L-shaped sofa

Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen is adjacent to the living room. Anyone coming over can see the graceful cooking station with vintage chandeliers and leathered granite countertops. The overall white color of the cupboards and backsplash is inviting, making the kitchen friendly and modest. Along with the kitchen, Butler’s pantry is close and accessible for convenience.

Well-lit dining area equipped with white cabinets and an island at the center with patterned chairs
Well-lit dining area equipped with white cabinets and an island at the center with patterned chairs


There are three spacious bedrooms in this barndo, enough to cater to three medium to large-sized beds. Two of these are perfect for peace and quiet. The master suite is adequate for the owners, equipped with a toilet and bath.

Bedroom with a cozy bed and pillows
Bedroom with a cozy bed and pillows
Bedroom with wooden drawers at the sides
Bedroom with wooden drawers at the sides


Bathroom with the bathtub beside the windows

The barndominium plan proposed and included two toilets and bathrooms, one as the common bathroom and one as the en-suite. The shared bathroom has ample space for a vanity, sink, a cabinet beneath, and an enclosed shower area. The en-suite comprises his and hers sinks, a bathtub, a toilet, and an enclosed shower. All the bathroom essentials, such as the cabinetries and countertops, are of the same style and finishes as the ones in the kitchen. The showers’ wooden-look tiles are impressive, matching the rustic appeal of the barndo.


Spacious garage/shop with an RV trailer
Spacious garage/shop with an RV trailer

This barndo’s attached garage is constructed for oversized vehicles and easy parking. It can be accessed by the main house’s 8 ft. wide mudroom entry. The parking bays are facing the shop, on the leftmost side of the unit, designed to match the shop’s traffic flow.


A 2,500 sq. ft. shop stands alongside the barndo, provided with one 14 ft. overhead pull-through door and one 12 ft. bay for the owner’s boat and other vehicles. Its area is open and wide; occupants can set up more equipment and efficient working stations 

Rear Covered Porch

Stacey’s barndo residence prides itself on having a back-shaded porch. We bet it is nice to relax here while enjoying the scenic greenery and fresh-from-the-grill barbecues or have their family time snuggling on a couch while feeling the breeze. An outdoor bench and hammock would be ideal for this spot.

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front view of the traditional bungalow carriage style barn home
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Front view of the Stunning 3BHK Country House w/ 2-Car Garage
Front view of the Stunning 3BHK Country House w/ 2-Car Garage

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RIght side view of the engaging 6-car pole barn garage
Right side view of the engaging 6-car pole barn garage

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Front view of the Cost-effective Recreational Vehicle(RV) Friendly Pole Barn
Front view of the Cost-effective Recreational Vehicle(RV) Friendly Pole Barn

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Angled front right view of the minimalist 4-car barn garage
Angled front right view of the minimalist 4-car barn garage

Wrap Up

Overall, we can say that the barndominium presents harmony, efficiency, and coziness. It is good that Stacey chose to stick with one style yet still delivered a stunning home design. The setting and ambiance also blend seamlessly, so kudos to Stacey and her family for this barndominium.
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