Spacious Metal Home for Small Families!

A true masterpiece from Morton Buildings, this exquisite metal home resembles the enchanting homes that you only see in movies and magazines. With a peach-toned and light gray as the base color, this is indeed a sight to behold. To give more character and drama to the house’s exterior, bricks were added to the walls, giving it a unique built. Potted plants are also visible at the front, complementing the overall façade of the metal home.

View of the Lake

As if the outside is not enough to impress your guests, this metal home is also cozy and homey on the inside. The interior consists primarily of wooden materials with the addition of smooth and sleek marble tiles. The walls of the house are certainly a unique blend of personal touch and artistry; the wall décor, which resembles wild deer, is an excellent hint that this metal home is for individuals who have taste for hunting.

The kitchen area is also not one to overlook as it is styled with matching wooden cupboards and cabinets, as well as hanging lights to complete the look. Going up on the second floor, a narrow hallway will welcome you. One side leads to the bedrooms, and another one is a small, open-space area where your children can make their school works and all.

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Brightly Lit Dining Area

Lastly, this metal house also showcases a small garden and playground at the back. You can also see the one-car covered garage on one side. Overall, this house is an excellent work of art.

Stats:  3,425 sq. ft.

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B070005348

Source: Morton Buildings

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