Lake view of the house

Spacious Lakeside Metal Houses w/ Cosy Wooden Interior (9 HQ Pictures)

Take a look at this beautiful lake house in Vancouver, Canada. Are you looking for a house to start a family? Are you looking for a place to go after your retirement? Are you tired of all the noise and pollution of te big city? Do you dream of going away during summer to a place in arms of mother nature? Then this is the perfect place for you.

Glass windows allowing natural light.

This house is surrounded by green trees, a flowing lake and a mind-blowing landscape of green mountains. It is spaciously sophisticated with comfortable and cozy interiors.All the rooms are well furnished along with a wooden roof. You don’t have to throw away your memorable stuff, as this place has plenty of storage space.

It has glass windows that allow plenty of light in during day time. It has outdoor space for your kids to play. If you dreamed of growing your own organic garden for the kitchen, this place makes it possible. You can freely let your pets run around the greenery of the house and play ball. This lake house  was designed by Jeff Whistler, keeping  in mind what makes for a happy family.

Simply elegant spacious rooms

Who wouldn’t love being close to nature? And who wouldn’t love a house which brings aesthetics to a whole new level? Definitely nobody. Check out the pictures below to see this place’s beauty yourself!

 Stats:  2800 sq feet 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 floors.

Plans: feel free to contact the contractor – Jeff Whistler.

Source: Jeff Whistler


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