Spacious, grassy sorrounding

Simple Yet Beautiful Oklahoma Farmhouse (HQ Pictures)

Come and enter this humble abode. Choose this beautifully constructed Oklahoma Farmhouse. Situated in a clean-cut landscape, this home is ideal for people who are looking for some place peaceful and comfortable to stay.

wide garage

This is a one-story farmhouse with custom-built interior and furnishing; hence, there is no need for you to worry about making plans, designing and going through the hassle of purchasing furniture. The interior is carefully chosen to fit the house’s general ambiance of serenity. Furniture is generally made of polished wood, keeping their natural color. 

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This fuses with the palette of the house as a whole. The farmhouse’s exterior is coated with green and white paint which perfectly complements the scenery. Look how the handsome well-laid lawn provides a tasteful background for the house!

Cozy atmosphere from its interior

Callahan Steel Buildings made this house to suit both small and big families. All the materials used as foundation and in the exterior and interior of the house are particularly chosen to assure durability. It’ll withstand all weather conditions. You’ll never feel safer in any place other than this beautiful abode. If you want to feel further security and if you want to minimize the maintenance costs, you can opt for steel frames and metal sidings for additional value.

A peek at its dining area and kitchen

If this is the kind of house you’re looking for, then you’re in for a treat. All things considered, this house will be worth every cent.

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Source: Callahan Steel Buildings.


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