Simple & Practical One-story Metal Building Home (HQ Pictures)

If you are looking for a simple yet a well-designed and welcoming house, this One-story Metal Building Home is a perfect house for you and  your family to build wonderful memories. A very pleasant, lovely, relaxing, humble and low maintenance house that will surely give benefits to your whole family, especially if you have older people living with you as they will experience extreme comfort and fresh breeze of air too. Plus, excellent materials used, thanks to its metal siding and steel roof designed by Archery Buildings.

This house offers porches on each side of the house, which are great for having coffee bonding moments with your love ones or if you are planning to throw a welcome party with friends and with the neighborhood. The surroundings will also inspire you and your family for some fun outdoor activities like BBQ parties, swimming, and biking. The kids will surely love to play with you outdoor and you can even have some pets.

You can also do some DIY backyard structure that you can install for added pleasure and entertainment and as well as for security purpose. The back porch is a perfect location for a coffee table or you can build a backyard deck with hammock and some flowery plants around. You can do some gardening work in the front yard while your family enjoys having some pie and Jell-O for snacks at the front porch. The kitchen has a very cozy and elegant atmosphere, you’ll absolutely love to have some cooking moments with your family. Your dishes will definitely a superb to everyone!


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Source: Archery Buildings

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