The strong and sophisticated exterior of the house.

Simple Yet Amazing All-Metal House for Inspiration! (HQ Pictures)

Are you looking for a perfect house to retire to one day? Or simply want to have a modern home without spending too much? Well, you are in luck, Anderson Anderson Architects might just have your dream house.

A prototype of this amazing steel house.

This roofless two storey home is made up of steel, giving the house that futuristic gleam. The steely metal paint gives the house that strong exterior look.  This house would suit best if it’s built on high places or as lake house because of its  two spacious roof decks, so if you are fond of star gazing,  then this house might the just the house for you.

The interior of the house has that minimalist design. It might not be spacious, but this house has enough room to move around. The walls of the house are painted with white to make the rooms look spacious and bright. It is best that you chose your furniture wisely for this house in order to balance the warm and modern feeling of the house. The house also has glass windows double walled with the steel screen, this wall allows the house to have that silhouette effect. Although the house may look transparent, in some parts but rest assured that your privacy is valued.

Though it may look cramped, but this room has enough space to relax and enjoy the day.

Indeed, this is a unique house. It gives you a taste of a future, a sense of  home despite the cold looking exterior.  A futuristic and cosy home with a budget friendly price.

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Source: AA Architects


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