Sherman Pole Buildings – Should You Build With Them? (In-depth Review)

A black barndomnium with a beautiful lawn
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We know how high-priority and stressful it is to search for a dependable builder for your future pole barns, so we made the process easier with this article. Join us as we evaluate Sherman Pole Buildings, a renowned contractor in Minnesota. They are highly regarded for their 40-year expertise as a pole barn manufacturer. Let’s go straight to the company history and see what made them successful in this line of business.

Sherman Pole Buildings Overview


Sherman Pole Buildings dates back to 1976, going by the name Kelling Construction, a family-owned pole barn building company. The first of their projects were pole barn homes, and accessory builds like detached garages and farm barns. Over time, they acquired stability and expanded their products and services. They also changed their business name to Sherman Pole Buildings, currently one of the biggest names in the industry.

This builder has two business units, Sherman Lumbers, and Sherman Builders. Sherman Lumbers markets high-quality materials like solid lumber for pole barns, while Sherman Builders is the company’s general contractor for construction and on-site builds. The team can assist you if you are in their service area– Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, and Kansas.

An angled view of a striking black and red barndominium with a large surrounding lawn. The building features a sloping metal roof with a prominent red cupola, a black metal exterior with white trim, and large windows on both levels. A spacious front porch spans the length of the building and is adorned with a black metal railing. The surrounding lawn is neatly mowed and features a few trees and shrubs, adding to the picturesque scene.
A black and red barndominium. Image via

Products and Services

Sherman Pole Buildings started providing prime pole building services and products four decades ago. With experienced professionals and reliable pole barn packages, they are sure to accomplish the perfect pole building you’re aiming for. 

Some of their other products include:


  • Custom Pole Barn Homes
  • DIY Barndominiums
An image of a charming light brown residential metal building set against a backdrop of open fields and blue sky. The building features a gabled metal roof with light brown siding and white trim. The front of the house is dominated by a large porch with a pitched roof and black metal railing. The porch is dotted with potted plants and comfortable outdoor furniture. A large garage door on the side of the building provides access to the attached garage. The surrounding landscape is lush and green, with a few trees and bushes adding to the natural setting.
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Accessory Builds

  • Storages
  • Detached garages
  • Special garages
  • Airplane hangars
  • Stud and steel barn options
An image of a sleek and modern grey storage barndominium situated in a rural area. The building features a tall, gabled metal roof with grey metal siding and black trim. Two large garage doors flank the front of the building, providing access to the expansive storage space inside. The surrounding land is flat and open, with fields and hills visible in the distance. A gravel driveway leads up to the building, with a few trees and shrubs providing a natural touch to the landscape.
A grey storage barndominium. Image via


  • Barns
  • Machine sheds
An aerial view of a beautiful red barndominium situated amidst a vast agricultural landscape. The barndominium features a barn-like design with a large central door and windows on both sides. The bold red color of the structure adds a striking contrast to the surrounding greenery. The well-maintained fields and pastures can be seen stretching out to the horizon in the background, giving a sense of the open and expansive countryside.
A red agricultural barndominium. Image via


  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing spaces
  • Office spaces
  • Retail facilities
  • Municipal buildings
  • Local facilities
  • Riding Arenas
A low-angle view of a sturdy brown commercial metal building, standing tall and firm against a clear blue sky. The metal exterior of the building is in a rich brown color, which creates a sense of stability and strength. The structure features a large garage door and several windows on its walls, suggesting functionality and versatility in its design. The surrounding area appears flat and spacious, indicating the building's potential use for industrial or commercial purposes.
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With Sherman Builders, you can work with an adept construction crew side by side throughout your construction from planning to finish. This is if you opt to go for traditional turnkey buildings. Need a tailor-made building? They are ready to suit your specific pole barn wants and needs. Plus, if you need a hand with your garage door installation and repair or reroofing, reskinning, and interior finishings, you can rely on them. 

Don’t know where to get design ideas and custom floor plans? You don’t have to look far; we are glad to offer you our collection of floor plans, ready and available for purchase! Check them out and get your barndo/pole barn home started now!


Sherman Pole Buildings’ cost and pricing are confidential and exclusive for their clients only. Since the company is open to custom-made pole barns, the pricing could also vary for each project. It’s suggested to raise your cost inquiries with their team or go to their official website for quotation requests.

We will not leave you guessing, so here’s a barndominium cost article to fully assist you in understanding how builders price their barndominium/pole barn builds.

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Client Testimonials

Sherman Pole Buildings has already reached many property owners and locations, thus their eminence in this field. Let’s hear some of the testimonies from their previous clients and know what made them choose Sherman Pole Buildings.

“I observed almost all of the building work.  The crew did a great job getting everything level and plumb.  They worked efficiently and carefully.  We are pleased with the results, and the price was very reasonable.  The building is a 32 x 30 drive-through garage.”

Pete D.  Source: Google Business Reviews

“Sherman builders were so wonderful to work with! The communication was great when working through design options and scheduling installs. The installers were respectful and cleaned up everyday. The whole process was very efficient and we couldn’t be happier!”

Charlie W.  Source: Google Business Reviews

Advantages and Disadvantages

How about the benefits and disadvantages one could get and consider when hiring Sherman Pole Building as a builder? Read more and find out here. 


Every pole barn kit purchased from Sherman Pole Buildings comes with solid sawn wood material, and multi-ply engineered columns, a credit for quality and structural strength standards. A fact about them: they also offer steel-framed structures for extra comprehensive barn support.

These are also covered with a 30-year structural and 10-year workmanship warranty, with complementary wind and snow load analysis. You can choose to DIY construct or hire their team to build the unit for you.

Additionally, the company offers broad options for upgrades to match your liking and enhance your structure– wall and ceiling insulation, liner steel, and vapor barrier to finish your unit. 

Sherman Pole Buildings has a couple of financing partners – Acorn Finance and HFS. Nonetheless, there are also local banks that usually approve funding for pole barn homes. Make sure to get a few quotes and pick the best offer. Please to our financing your barndominium article for tips and tricks to get the best deal.


A possible downside could be the need for the clients to do their land check prior to construction. Some of their clients’ feedback concerns the property and barn issues and the company’s lack of assistance for these instances. These matters could be out of their service, contract, and warranty; therefore, it is suggested to ensure that your lot is suitable for their builds and units.

Should You Choose Sherman Pole Buildings?

Sherman Pole Buildings is a reputable company you can count on for pole barn building and construction. This company has over 40 years of experience in construction, resulting in professional craftsmanship and high-standard pole barn products. This builder is also an all-inclusive company that offers both pole building supplies and contractor/on-site labor, so you won’t ask another company to do the job for you. Pricing and costs are undisclosed, but they propose guaranteed and worthwhile service. They also have stud and steel options for better structural support. 

Sherman Pole Buildings is an excellent company to add to your list of builder choices. We suggest checking their official site for contacts and FAQs. If you are into unconventional homes like pole barns, we also have prefab homes and shipping container homes that might capture your interest.

Additionally, we have covered the pros and cons of metal building homes  to guide you as you explore these unconventional house types. We hope this article helped you in picking out the best builder. Have a fun and rewarding construction journey!

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