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Great 50′ x 60′ Residential Metal Building w/ Porches (7 HQ Pictures)

Barn-type residential buildings are quite the rage nowadays since more and more families are choosing to shift to a simpler lifestyle than the one they have in the busy city.

Looking to build one? This barn-type home is a perfect design to base your home from. As you can see, the property is incredibly vast. It is constructed and built with metal and wooden fixtures, which are totally responsible for the property’s very comfortable and ranch-like atmosphere. It includes two garages and more vehicle provisions with its huge lot space.

A porch is situated on the entire side of the house. The interiors of the house play with blues, reds and neutral tones. A home like this is perfect for a regular-sized family who want to be free from the fast-paced and digital life in the city. It is the perfect place for the members to bond and relax.

A gorgeous top down view of the majestic inside space

The mere thought of finally building your very own home can be ultimately overwhelming. There are a lot of ideas you can take for a completely awesome abode. However, there are certain houses that can really give you so much inspiration. This is definitely one of them.

An exclusively designed interior

This design is brought to you by Lester Buildings. Scroll down below for mote design and inspiration ideas.

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Stats: 50′ x 60′ x 16′

Plan: contact Lester Buildings, project number: 116986.

Ballpark Price: $35 – $100* per sq. ft.

*Price varies due to finishes, materials, extras (doors, windows, etc.), permits, etc. For precise price/quote contact Lester Buildings.

Source: Lester Buildings


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