Still Renting? Increase Your Credit Score Instantly! Become A Homeowner.

Are you preparing to finally buy your own home? Whether it’s a metal building home you are shooting for or a regular house, we all know it – credit score is very important. If your credit score sucks, chances you are getting that mortgage are slim, thus it is important to plan ahead and improve your credit score. Easier said than done, right?

Well not exactly! Actually it’s pretty easy and takes only 15 minutes. Do we have your attention now? Keep on reading and learn how you can increase your credit score by 40 points on average 😉

This article is for everyone who has been living in a rental property – it could also be your friend, relative or anyone else you know. So don’t forget increase your karma score too by sharing this post with them.

Ok, back to business. Here’s how you can increase your credit score by 40 points on average.


Since you have been living in a rental property, paying your rent, keeping all things nice and tidy, chit-chatting with the owner, unfortunately, this is not enough for the credit bureaus.

In fact, for nearly all renters their rent payment is their largest expense and yet their payment history is rarely, if ever, reported to the credit bureaus. What does that mean?

Well, to put it simply the result is that their credit profile is incomplete, and their credit score is usually understated.

Does that sound like you? If it does, then don’t panic – we have got you covered 😉

Our partners will help you get your rent history of the past 24 months submitted to the credit bureaus and all your past payments approved and verified. In just 15 days RentReporters verifies and reports up to two years of past payment history with ongoing payments being reported monthly. As we mentioned already, based on their experience this helps increase credit score by 40 points on average.

A Few Easy Steps And Your Credit Score Is Improved!

All you have to do is sing up with RentReporters and sit back and enjoy the process!

Is it FREE? Well, of course it is not.


BUT for ONLY $94.95!


You can change your life and make a huge step forward towards becoming a homeowner and waving goodbye to your landlord!


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