A scenic abode with eclectic exterior look

Regular Metal Building Home? We Though So Too.. Watch The Video Tour!

Eliminate all the stress induced by the city by moving to a simple yet relaxing cabin-style house, which also doubles as a hobby garage for those people who just couldn’t throw away beloved toys and goodies collected over the years.

The house is built by Morton Buildings and is constructed out of high-quality and durable materials. Step inside and you see a very cozy atmosphere. The space is not too big, but for one to two people, it certainly is a ranch-like sanctuary. What makes the house very appealing is that it has direct access to a beautiful healthy lake, which is an extension of its yard.

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The lake is home to several kinds of fish, which makes sustaining oneself an easy task. One can also host picnic food fests and swimming parties by the lake. The property is complete with a vast front and back yard with a fire pit and a water tank. There are a lot of things to notice and adore about this simple yet breathtaking haven.

This is one satisfying home perfect for a first time home buyer. It’s a solid house with so many extras. For the right person, this is a prime piece of property. Check out the video and photos below to take a peek at this unique residence.

Stats: 30’W x 10’H x 53’L, wainscot, cupola, windows w/ shutters, porch.

Plan: contact Morton Buildings, project number: B033039391.

Ballpark Price: $25 – $80* per sq. ft.

*Price varies due to finishes, materials, extras (doors, windows, etc.), permits, etc. For precise price/quote contact Morton Buildings.

Source: Morton Buildings


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