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Real Story: 1,440 Sq. Feet Metal Pole Barn for Only $68,000!!!

A metal pole barn is a good idea for constructing residential pole buildings. It has the feel and looks of a sleek, modern home. It does not seem like a metal home at all. What makes this home design ideal is its affordability. It is a lot cheaper as compared to other methods of house construction. Likewise, the money you will spend on additional features is typically less.

Front view of the 1,440 Sq. Feet Metal Pole Barn.
Front view of the 1,440 Sq. Feet Metal Pole Barn.

Another advantage of this pole barn home is the ease of maintenance and durability. There’s no wood exposed that would require repainting or scraping. This also makes the house termite-resistant. The roof and walls aren’t made from shingles. It eliminates the need for repainting or replacement. Considering a pole barn home allows customization, it would perfectly suit your family.

As shown in the Youtube video below, the owners of this house, the Colter family, built it themselves DIY, specifically the man of the house, with a bit of help from the rest of the family. They began by identifying the piece of land where the house would be put up. It was bushy with overgrown grass and weeds. There were also many trees that Mr. Colter began by chopping down to use the timber in the building, hence saving a considerable sum of money. His sons also lent a hand in the clearing.

Clearing with a challenging job that also involved the use of heavy machinery. Mr. Colter proceeded to use a land leveler to make the ground even and suitable for construction. After ensuring the land was even, it was time to lay the concrete foundation to ensure a stable house. The wood he had chopped came in handy when putting up the poles. The timber was also used for roofing.

The next step was attaching the metal sidings to the wooden poles, and this was completed successfully. Having completed the exterior of the house, Mr. Colter proceeded to the interior. He did the insulation and gave the interior of the house a bright orange paint job, giving the house a homely and welcoming aura. Like a true handyman, he also did the kitchen cabinets, ending up with a beautiful vintage look. He also added a kitchen island with black countertops. He proceeded to work on the rest of the rooms, consisting of the bedrooms, including a master bedroom, computer/dining room, and bathrooms.

What was left was the doors, windows, and lighting, which he professionally handled. The house even has a storm shelter and a spacious porch. The result of Mr. Colter and his family’s hard work was this stunning masterpiece; a grey and maroon metal home.

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For the best results in a pole barn home, you can contact Spears Barn Co to help you actualize your dream house. Hiring a contractor with the right knowledge and expertise to build such a home design is recommended. Make a smart decision and invest in this metal pole barn home that would cost you just less than a hundred thousand.

Stats: 1,440 sq.ft.; more info in the video below!

Plans: not available to the public. Feel free to contact the owners.

Cost: $68,000 w/ some furniture included – $47 per sq. foot.

Source: Youtube


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