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Real Story: 1,440 Sq. Feet Metal Pole Barn for Only $68,000!!!

A metal pole barn is a good idea in constructing residential pole buildings. It has the feel and looks of a sleek, modern home. It does not seem like a metal home at all. What makes this home design ideal is its affordability. It is a lot cheaper as compared to other methods of house construction. Likewise, the money that you will spend on the additional features is also typically less. It’s because there is no need to build numerous poles that should be placed 10 to 12 feet apart.

Another advantage of this pole barn home is the ease of maintenance and durability. There’s no wood exposed that would require repainting or scraping. The roof and walls aren’t made from shingles. It eliminates the need for repainting or replacement. Considering a pole barn home allows customization so that it would perfectly suit your family.

To obtain the best results of a pole barn home, you can contact Spears Barn Co and see how they can help you in realizing the design of your dream house. It is recommended to hire a contractor that has the right knowledge and expertise to build this home design. Make your smart decision and invest in this metal pole barn home that would cost you just less than a hundred thousand.

Live in luxury with this awe-inspiring home. It certainly has a home’s value, and it’s a residence with timeless elegance. Invest in your future today and live in sheer comfort tomorrow.

Stats: 1,440 sq.ft., more info in the video below!

Plans: not available to public, feel free to contact the owners.

Cost: $68,000 w/ some furniture included – $47 per sq. foot.

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