This metal barn can be your dream home. Not only is it close to nature, but it also has that warm vibe to keep you and your family cosy!
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Rare Cosy Metal Barn w/ Porch & Stone Fireplace (Pictures & Plans)

In everything we buy, we want something that is not only worth our money but also something that will last for a very long time. With this metal barn, you will surely get both your time and money’s worth.

Its warm vibe gives you and your family the comfort that you would normally look for in a home.

Built by Meyer Recreational, this house exudes comfort and relaxation: with a lake just nearby the residence. This lovely little metal house also has a porch for you to lay back and enjoy the view. Since it can get a bit chilly in this part of town, a stone fireplace is a perfect addition for this house to keep everyone warm and cozy. This home has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The size of the house is at around 800 square feet.

Such house can be built in many ways – you can use stick frame or steel frame, so not only can it withstand any type of harsh weather and tornados, but it is also easy to maintain compared to your average home, especially if you choose to use metal sidings.

Perfect for cold weathers, the stone porch is an excellent addition to this household.

For its reasonable price, you will surely get your money’s worth on this one! So whether you are a newlywed couple trying to build a family or someone who is looking to find a perfect vacation house, this metal barn is the right choice for you.

Stats: contact the contractor for precise numbers- Meyer Recreational.

Plan: scroll down below.

Ballpark Price: $12,000 – $20,000*

*Price varies due to finishes, materials, extras (doors, windows, etc.), permits, etc. For precise price/quote contact Meyer Recreational.

Source: Meyer Recreational


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