RAM Buildings – Is It Worth Building With Them? (Review)

 a two-story red barndominium with a wide lawn
A red barndominium. Image via

Unconventional structures, like pole barns, have grown in demand in recent years since they are suitable for any function. They can be used as homes, for commercial use, or practically anything you want. With 25 years of experience, RAM Buildings is a construction firm that provides both post-frame and metal buildings. The company has earned multiple awards for its high-standard builds.

Sounds interesting, but are they the right builder for you? Let’s have a quick company review and see if they are fit to be your construction partner. 

RAM Buildings Overview


RAM Buildings is a collaboration of two competing skilled men named Rollie Radtke and Gregg Machemehl. They joined hands and started their construction business in 1998, focusing on post-frame and steel structures. Both are experts in their fields, which led the company to success. Their construction campaign grew and eventually expanded to more on-site services to their growing market. 

The company is proud of its contracting subsidiary, RAM General Contracting, Inc., which provides full construction packages. They can provide post frame, traditional wood frame, concrete and masonry, steel frame, and precast services to anyone within their scope-Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Due to their teams’ consistent performance and creativity, the company has earned several acknowledgments from National Frame Builders Association and STAR Buildings. These awards have made their name outstanding in the post-frame and steel frame businesses, attracting more clients. To this day, they continuously cater to the construction needs of many in the Midwest US.

An image of a beautiful brown barndominium with a large open front porch and metal roofing. The building features large windows, giving a glimpse of the spacious interior, and a spacious lawn in front with green trees and bushes surrounding it. The rustic aesthetic of the barndominium is complemented by the natural surroundings, creating a picturesque scene.
A brown barndominium. Image via

Products and Services

An image of a stunning white and grey two-story barndominium, featuring a metal roof, and large windows on both levels. The exterior of the building is surrounded by a lush green lawn, with beautiful trees and bushes adding to the serene atmosphere. The modern design of the building is complemented by the rustic aesthetic of the barndominium, making it a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional architecture.
A white and grey two-story barndominium. Image via


RAM Buildings is a one-stop company if you need full assistance for your design-build project. They have experienced territory and project managers to guide you with your processes and estimators and drafting techs to help you with your budget and planning.

An image of a charming white and red barndominium with a metal roof and a large front porch. The building stands amidst a scenic landscape of green grass, tall trees, and bushes. The white walls and red accents of the barndominium give it a classic and traditional look. The front porch provides a perfect place to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings, while the windows on the sides offer a view of the serene scenery.
A white and red barndominium. Image via

On the other hand, the RAM contractors are ready to carry out the dirt work and actual construction duties for you. When working with them, you are assured of good site supervision, safety management, a controlled budget, and quality output. 

An image of a spacious white storage barndominium with a large metal roof, featuring multiple garage doors on the front side. The surrounding landscape is a vast green lawn with a few tall trees and bushes adding to the natural ambiance. The white walls and metal roof give the building a modern and sleek look. The large garage doors offer convenient access for vehicles or storage equipment, making it a practical space for storing various items
A white storage barndominium. Image via

Another service they provide is a unique offer, their 24/7 emergency response. The RAM Buildings crews are always on the go to roofing ‘tarp’ and board up your structure to prevent further damages in times of disaster. In case of destruction, they can lend a hand to remove debris or demolish a building for you. Of course, if they can build, they can also restore structures for you. They have an adept team to help you with refurbishing your pre-owned unit.

Product Builds

An image of a striking black barndominium with a metal roof, featuring a large front porch and numerous windows. The building is surrounded by a picturesque scenery of lush green trees, bushes, and a vast grassy lawn. The black color of the barndominium creates a bold and modern contrast against the natural surroundings. The large windows provide ample natural light and a view of the serene landscape, while the spacious front porch offers an ideal spot for outdoor relaxation
A black barndominium. Image via

RAM Buildings has a broad scope for builds and usually promotes customized and versatile units. All they promise is that they will do a high standard configuration to build your conceptualized structure such as:

  • Residential- they do barndominiums (which they call post frame houses or cabins), pole barn homes, metal building homes, detached garages, shouses, or multipurpose barn home projects. 
  • Agricultural- the company accepts agricultural projects like dairy stall barns, storage barns, and equipment spaces.
  • Commercial and industrial- offices, retail spaces, showrooms, manufacturing, and warehouses are also their forte.
  • Equestrian Buildings for your horses- they can erect stables, horse barns, or riding arenas with their extensive and spacious unit options.
  • Solid core buildings- these are the insulated builds suitable for facilities like churches, convenience stores, and more.
  • Modified and recreational builds could be aircraft hangars, sports facilities, or all-purpose pole barns.

All these are just a few of what they can do for you. They dedicate their efforts to making your modified structures possible. Need planning help? We’ve got you covered with our custom floor plans and inspiring ready-made floor plans, don’t hesitate to give them a look; you might find the best plan for your future post-frame/metal building!


RAM Buildings does not publish any construction cost for its products or services on its website. Most of their builds are customized, so construction budgets and costs may adjust. But don’t just make guesses; we have a barndominium cost article to help you prepare. Take note of the important factors that might matter in your budget and financing.

Client Testimonials

Throughout these years, the company has done its best, resulting in quality structures that are loved by many. Here are testimonials that show how RAM Buildings has been executing great work to achieve client satisfaction.

“Great building, on the snowmobile trail!  Very impressed with the crew at RAM.  From Kevin and Spencer in Winsted (thanks for the quick follow-up to my seemingly endless questions), to Jeff at the build, to the sub-contractors recommended by Spencer.  Every step of the way was professional and high quality.  Looking forward to many years of service for my new winter get-away spot.”

Jim L.  Source: RAM Buildings Google Reviews

“I had a custom pole barn/shed built in January  2019 and we could not be happier with the entire process. Dave and his crew worked hard during some very cold conditions and the job came out perfect. Not only did Dave do a great job but also offered multiple suggestions through out to make the building better. I have referred them to others who had the same experience.”

Paul H.  Source: RAM Buildings Google Reviews

Advantages and Disadvantages

Every transaction needs to be worth our time, money, and effort. And so, it’s best to weigh the benefits and downsides to expect when dealing with RAM Buildings.


This company uses top-grade materials with warranties for their builds. The wood, steel, and other building elements they supply are from trusted brands and dealers. Service-wise, they have got almost everything you might need. Not to mention, they are an NFBA member; hence they meet the highest standards of post frame and steel structures. Their extra services are also beneficial and practical, especially if you have other properties in need of attention and refurbishing.


RAM Buildings has no financing provisions; you might need to DIY your funding or seek bank assistance. No idea what to do next? Barndominium financing and Metal Building Home Financing are informative articles to read and be informed of the current requirements regarding DIY construction-related loans.

Should You Choose RAM Buildings?

The bottom line, RAM Buildings is a great construction firm to consider with respect to their overall services and builds. They are indeed an all-in-one builder that can cater to your building necessities. Wood or metal frame? They can build superior and high quality units for you. Land and site work? No worries, their contractors are willing to work hand-in-hand with you! Talk to their representatives if you are interested in a transaction with them.

If you’re still considering more unconventional structures like post frame and metal buildings, you might like to look at some of our prefab houses and shipping container homes. You can also have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of metal building homes to be more enlightened as you explore these structures. Get inspired and have a memorable construction ahead!


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