Top 6 Modular & Prefab Home Builders in Ohio | 2024 List

a two story white modular home
A sleek and modular prefab home

Are you considering buying a prefab home to assemble on a piece of land in Ohio? Prefab and modular homes are eco-friendly, affordable, and time efficient in build time. It’s no wonder that many people are drawn to these types of houses nowadays. If you are looking for trusted builders in Ohio and can’t find a reputable source of information online, you’re in the right place. We understand how easy it is to spot clickbaity misinformation. This is why we compiled the top prefab home builders in Ohio. 

Why Build a Prefab or Modular Home in Ohio?

If you’re looking for a place to settle that is home to stunning landscapes, a rich history, and lovely cities while maintaining a reasonable cost of living, living in Ohio might be your best bet. Since you are looking into alternative housing, check out our Facebook page, which has useful content about prefab homes, shipping container homes, barndominium homes, and other non-traditional houses.

Ohio might not be able to compete with other states in terms of the number of prefab home builders; however, that is not a reason to say that building a prefabricated home in Ohio isn’t a good idea. This article lists our top recommendations for modular and prefab home builders in the state. In the case where these local builders will not be able to meet your needs, there are plenty more options in neighboring states.


One downside to building a prefab or modular home is that they may be difficult to finance. Financing institutions do not have enough data to appraise these kinds of homes; as a result, they might not be willing to finance them. In that case, you would need to pay in full.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Modular/Prefab Home in Ohio?

You may complete the construction of your prefab house in as little as three months, depending on its size and finishings. Most prefabricated homes can be constructed in four to six months. On the other hand, traditional homes take an average of eight months to build; however, building a conventional home may take years in some areas. Check out our article comparing prefab vs. modular homes for more insight if you are wondering what their differences are.

A prefabricated home in the process of being constructed, the wooden frame of the house can be seen taking shape. The prefab design allows for a more efficient and cost-effective building process, and the wooden frame gives a rustic and natural touch to the overall design.
Modular prefab home construction

Can I Finance a Prefabricated or Modular Home in Ohio?

Yes, you can! Although financing institutions may treat prefab or modular homes differently compared to conventional site-built houses, that does not mean they cannot be financed. 

How Much Does it Typically Cost to Build a Prefab or Modular Home in Ohio? 

Several factors determine the cost. For instance, prefab homes come in a wide range of quality levels. This may be because of design, material, and size differences. To give you an idea, conventional stick-built homes in Ohio have an average price per square foot of $134. In comparison, prefab houses are much cheaper, with the average cost per square foot and labor included ranging from $50 – $100.

If you are still on the fence about building a modular home, consider building a barndominium in Ohio

Are There Any Special Building Regulations I Should Be Aware Of?

Yes. It is always best to speak to a local building authority to ensure you follow the regulations. For example, wood footings or foundations are not allowed when erecting a manufactured home. Prefab homes within flood hazard areas are also required to install foundations engineered to incorporate methods that minimize flood damage. 

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Who Are The Best Modular & Prefab Home Builders in Ohio?

D&W Homes

With three locations in Southern Ohio and West Virginia, D&W Homes—the largest modular house builder in Southeast Ohio—provides you with convenience as you search for a modular home. Established in 1977, the family-run D&W Homes has developed into the region’s leading and most reputable modular home builder.


  • Professionally built homes that are inspected to ensure they meet state building codes.
  • Promises to prioritize quality. 
  • Upfront prices.


  • Delivery area is typically limited to 50 miles from their location. 
A single story white home with a brown roof, featuring a large garage on the side. The house has a clean and modern look, with the garage providing ample storage space for vehicles or other items.
White modular prefab home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“The team at Chillicothe was wonderful to work with.  Thank you for building my forever home.  Cliff was my salesperson and always responded to questions and adjustments, the whole team did great!  I would definitely refer family and friends to work with you! Feel free to contact me!”

Susie Baughn. Source: Google Reviews

“Great homes and good people to deal with. I have been to all 3 locations and have met with all the salesmen.  The owner will sit down with you to learn your likes and dislikes and may even be able to customize a home that you’d like if you don’t like any on their lot.”

Jonnie Beers. Source: Google Reviews

Our Thoughts

Backed with good ratings and reviews, it is safe to say that you can’t go wrong with D&W. If you are within their area of service, they are definitely one of the top choices.


Bringing emphasis on building earth-friendly homes, evoDOMUS is on the mission to build homes that are both good for the planet and the most aesthetically pleasing, artistic, and modern-looking homes. Their goal is to have an increasing number of people value sustainability with high-performance and energy-efficient houses.


  • Eco-friendly houses that utilize optimum solar orientation and architectural design to maximize natural light and airflow. 
  • Exceptionally well-insulated homes to maximize energy savings.
  • State-of-the-art ventilation systems.


  • High-end homes come with high-end pricing.
A single story wooden home with a warm and inviting feel. The house is highlighted by its big glass windows which offer plenty of natural light, making the interior bright and welcoming. The wrap-around porch adds a touch of charm and allows for plenty of outdoor living space, providing a perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors
A brown prefab home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“My wife and I have worked with evoDOMUS for the past two and a half years and the result has been a  lovely contemporary house which was designed according to our specific needs and  wishes. evoDOMUS listened to our criteria regarding  the size, open plan layout, relatively maintenance free exterior, and possible future age related needs such as an elevator. Alexander, Michelle and the team worked closely with us to satisfy our requests; they have been available for any and all questions and usually provide a same day response. It has been a good experience and we are very pleased with the results.”

Herb Cohrs. Source: Google Reviews

“We have used EvoDomus to build two houses. The experience has been absolutely fantastic. Not only did we end up with exactly what we were looking for in terms of design and energy efficiency, but we also thoroughly enjoyed the process of designing and building with EvoDomus. If I ever get to build another home, I wouldn’t hesitate a second to engage this team.”

Lars Tandrup. Source: Google Reviews

Our Thoughts

Giving so much focus on eco-friendly living may sound idealistic, but we can agree that it is the direction we should go as a society. If you are willing to spend slightly more initially to enjoy the benefits of lower utility costs, evoDOMUS is the perfect pick.


Unibilt is a family-run business that has been in the modular home industry for more than 40 years. They have constructed more than 12,000 homes. They take pride in upholding the hard labor, integrity, and fairness of mid-western ideals. The business is based on long-term partnerships and has worked with many same high-quality product suppliers for almost 40 years.


  • They are experienced due to a long history of building modular and prefab homes.
  • Promises timely delivery and top-notch customer service.
  • Maximum convenience with a hassle-free process from start to finish.


  • Unibilt homes cannot help you with financing.
A single story stone home with a charming and timeless design. The exterior of the home is constructed with rough-hewn natural stone, giving the house an earthy and rustic feel. The small glass windows are strategically placed to allow natural light while maintaining privacy. The white door garage adds a touch of contrast to the overall look, and gives the house a modern edge. The blue roof adds a unique color accent to the stone home and makes it stand out in the neighborhood
A grey prefab Home with a blue roof. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“I’ve been familiar with Unibilt Homes for a long time.  They make a great home! My dad has lived in a Unibilt home for over 30 years and it’s held up better than some site-built houses I’ve seen.  Their homes have only gotten better since his was built in the 1970s.  They are a family owned & operated company and it shows in their attention to detail!”

Gwen Elliot. Source: Google Reviews

“We had 2 unibuilt homes over the years and simply loved them. So impressed with the quality and workmanship. We highly recommend them.”

Barbara Taylor. Source: Google Reviews

Our Thoughts

Unibilt is a major player in the modular home industry. A company with so much experience building modular homes has probably dealt with all kinds of issues and has set up systems to solve them. If you are looking for a builder with guaranteed quality service, Unibilt is for you.

Route 73 Homes

Route 73 Houses has been selling and installing every variety of prefab and modular homes for over 25 years in South Western Ohio. 


  • 32 years of experience installing and servicing modular and prefab homes.
  • Financing assistance available. 
  • Over 100 floor plans to choose from.


  • Not a lot of info online, so you have to call them for inquiries.
A single story grey home with a sleek and classic design. The small glass windows, which have a minimal design, offer an unobstructed view to the exterior, giving an open and airy feeling to the interior. The tile roof gives a durable and long-lasting finish, ideal for different weather conditions. With its clean lines and the color palette, this home has a very clean and elegant look.
Grey modular home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“In Southwestern Ohio, Route 73 Houses has been engaged in the sales and installation of every variety of manufactured and modular homes for more than 25 years. From financing to building to move-in, Route 73 Homes has established a good reputation for collaborating with their clients to help them create the home of their dreams.”

Scarlet Taeger. Source: Google Reviews

“Brian and his team went above and beyond for me and my family. We went with a preowned and couldn’t be happier with how quickly it was installed. Top notch setup crew. And wonderful customer service. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home to place on land.”

John Lawson. Source: Google Reviews

Our Thoughts

Although there isn’t much information about the specifics of the services they offer, based on the great reviews from their past clients, it is worth checking out Route 73 Homes. They can also hook you up with a great financing deal.

Tri-Point Homes

Tri-Poin Homes offers the best selection of modular and prefab homes, which can be put up in nearly a third of Ohio’s counties. They are certain to have a home that meets your needs, with floor plans ranging from 725 square feet to over 4000 square feet. They also provide full customization according to your taste.


  • Vast experience of more than 40 years in service and have served over 1,600 clients. 
  • Over 700 floor plans to choose from.
  • Offers full customization.


  • Can only serve about a third of Ohio’s counties.
An elegant rural modular home with grey roofing from tripoint homes
A grey modular prefab home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Had a great experience with Tri Point Homes . They explained how every step worked all through the process. Available to me texting and asking question even on weekends.  Our house turned out beautiful.  Will refer them to anyone.”

Kathy Yoder. Source: Google Reivews

“Our experience with Tri Point was seamless.  Sales staff was experienced and helpful through the whole process. Construction of home was done within agreed upon timetable.  All construction and site work was handled professionally.  We are very happy with result.”

Sally McCune. Source: Google Reivews

Our Thoughts

Decades of experience in the industry, paired with many great client reviews to back it up, are always good indications of a company worth working with. Tri-Point Homes should be one of your top choices if you are in their serviceable area.

Hunter Modular Homes

Working with Kurt and Chris Gillespie of Hunter Modular Homes, who have more than 40 years of expertise in the home building industry, gives you access to expert support. They will oversee and organize the construction to ensure quality. You will be happy with your new home thanks to the support of their skilled crew. With a variety of basic home floor plans, design freedom, personalization, and a focus on full “turn-key” construction, Hunter Modular Homes offers “one-stop shopping.” 


  • Can help with the entire build process from start to finish.
  • Emphasizes energy efficiency and quality while being cost-effective.
  • Offers full customization with the help of CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.


  • Doesn’t offer financing options.
A single story light brown home with a warm and inviting design. The small glass windows allow plenty of natural light to fill the interior, making it bright and cheerful. The exterior of the house is constructed with a light brown colored material, giving it a comforting and homely look. The tiled roof adds a classic and elegant touch, while also providing durability and protection against the elements.
A grey single-story prefab home. Image Via

What are their clients saying?

“Very informative about the houses they sell. Will be thinking about going that route.”

Steve Slife. Source: Google Reviews

“Hunter modular Homes did an amazing n quick job of building me a new house after my old house was ruined by a fire my new house is excellent in every way I couldn’t be happier with my new house or their service.”

Larry Perkins. Source: Google Reviews

Our Thoughts

Hunter Modular Homes is a great option if you want everything in one place; they can do everything from excavation to handing the keys to your new prefab home. In addition, they can also build basements, septics, wells, driveways, etc.


All these choices of prefab home builders indicate that purchasing prefab and modular homes in Ohio is a great decision. While planning your house project, you can check out our Pinterest, where you will find inspiration from other people’s ideas on their non-traditional houses. 

 If you want to explore builders outside Ohio, check out our top prefab builders in the surrounding states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana.


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