Top 5 Modular & Prefab Home Builders in New Hampshire | 2024 List

A modular home in New Hampshire
Modular home with a white classic finish.

Finding a trusted builder is the first step toward realizing your dream of owning a modular house. Unfortunately, It can be difficult to identify expert builders because of the proliferation of misinformation on the internet. To save you the trouble of sorting through a myriad of information, we compiled a list of some of the best prefab home builders in New Hampshire to help you choose a partner in building your dream home. 

Why Build a Prefab or Modular Home in New Hampshire?

You can’t go wrong with New Hampshire if you want a place to settle. According to Wallethub, New Hampshire is 6th best state to live in. New Hampshire is considered one of the top 10 states in terms of safety, health and education, and economy. However, a house in New Hampshire is more expensive than similar ones in other states, which is why a modular home is an attractive and affordable alternative. 

Prefab houses are faster to build than traditional houses, so you can move in quickly. If you are renting a temporary place while waiting for your house to be built, a shorter construction time can help you save on rental costs. 


One disadvantage of building a modular home in New Hampshire is its high property tax. At 1.77% of a property’s assessed value, New Hampshire has the fourth-highest property tax in the country. However, since these homes are cheaper to build, your property tax obligations will still be lower than those who own traditional houses. 

New Hampshire is a popular summer destination so prepare for traffic congestion when tourists start pouring in. Memorial and Labor Days see traffic gridlocks that make daily errands challenging. The best thing to do is to plan your activities during the summer months to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Check our prefab vs. modular article to learn more about these unique house types. 

How Long Does it Take to Build a Modular/Prefab Home in New Hampshire?

It can take an average of four to six months to build a modular house in New Hampshire. This timeline includes manufacturing the prefabricated house and setting it on the foundation. 

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Can I Finance a Prefabricated or Modular Home in New Hampshire?

Yes, it is possible to finance a prefabricated home in New Hampshire. Some builders have in-house financing services for their customers. If your chosen builder does not offer in-house financing services, you can apply for a loan with a local bank or financing company. 

How Much Does it Typically Cost to Build a Prefab or Modular Home in New Hampshire?

A modular house costs between $180,000 and $360,000 to build, making it a cheaper alternative than a conventional concrete house, which costs between $204,000 and $416,000. These estimates can go up depending on the features, size, and add-on options you want. If you haven’t decided on a prefabricated home, another affordable option is to build a barndominium in New Hampshire

Are There Any Special Building Regulations I Should Be Aware Of?

Counties can implement different building regulations from their neighbors, so the best thing to do is check with your county’s building and zoning office for a complete list of the local building regulations. For example, if you are building in Somersworth, the building permit fee is $9 per $1,000 of construction value. Barrington has a slightly affordable building permit fee of $8.50 per $1,000 construction value plus a $25 flat application fee. 

Who Are The Best Modular & Prefab Home Builders in New Hampshire?

Although numerous builders advertise their services, separating the real deal from builders just padding their credentials can be challenging. For this reason, we created a list of some of the most trusted prefabricated home builders in New Hampshire to help you. 

Seacoast Modular Homes


  • Seacoast Modular Homes builds houses not just in New Hampshire but also in Maine and Massachusetts. 
  • Seacoast Modular Homes provides turnkey services to areas near Greenland, New Hampshire. 
  • They have a showroom where customers can see and touch different building materials, finishes, lighting fixtures, cabinets, etc., to help customers make informed decisions on what they want to use in their homes. 


A two-story white home elevated off the ground with a clean and classic aesthetic, featuring a front entrance with stairs leading up to the front door. The house sits on a elevated platform. The house set against a natural background.
Modular home with a white classic finish. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Seacoast Modular Homes is a well respected company who values attention to detail and quality workmanship.”

Connie Dolloff. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Seacoast Modular Homes is a prefabricated home builder in Greenland, New Hampshire. If you are near Greenland, you can benefit from their turnkey services, so you don’t have to worry about any part of the construction process. Their showroom is helpful to customers because they can see all the building materials and sample fixtures, finishes, and add-ons. The showroom can help customers choose the materials and features they want to use in their prefabricated homes. 

New Style Homes


  • New Style Homes provides turnkey services to assist customers in every step of their home-buying experience. 
  • The company provides general contracting services, including site preparation, laying of the foundation, installation of heating, plumbing, and electrical systems, etc. 
  • New Style Homes builds additions like garages, decks, porches, and sheds for customers who want to complete their property. 


  • They don’t provide in-house financing services but can recommend some local financing institutions. 
A spacious and cozy home with a veranda, featuring a tile roof and a brown and black color scheme. The home has a rustic and inviting feel, set against a natural background.
Prefab home with a brown and black color scheme. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Houses are so customizable too and the prices are not as bad as I had anticipated.”

Jessica Topham. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

New Style Homes is a building and general contracting company based in Rochester, New Hampshire. If you want to build a prefabricated house without the stress, you can avail of their turnkey services, where New Style Homes handles the entire construction process. They can take care of everything from site preparation, to the installation of electrical systems, right up to taking care of the interior and exterior carpentry. Aside from building houses, the company also builds additions, so there’s no need to hire a different builder for your garage, deck, or shed. 

Camelot Home Centers


  • Camelot Home Centers sells and builds modular homes in New Hampshire and the rest of the New England region. 
  • The company is open seven days a week, so customers can visit whenever they have free time. 
  • Camelot Home Centers has an inventory of available prefabricated houses with detailed information and pricing details. 


  • Camelot Home Centers doesn’t provide financing services to customers. 
A white home with a pleasant and inviting aesthetic, set against a natural background. The minimalist design with clean lines and white exterior gives it a modern and serene look.
A serene modular prefab home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Beautiful homes, and it was a great experience. Nice employees that can help you with just about any want or need.”

Denise Hill. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Camelot Home Centers is one of the most recognizable names in modular home building in New Hampshire. Although based in Tilton, New Hampshire, the company sells and builds prefabricated houses throughout the New England region. Although their gallery of available houses is less extensive than those of other builders, it contains all the information you need, including pricing details. 

Unity Homes


  • Unity Homes has an informative newsletter and free guides to help customers plan their homes. 
  • The company’s gallery of floor plans includes vital information like pricing details. If you want more images of house designs and floor plans, visit our Instagram account
  • Unity Homes provides 3D models for customers who want customized prefabricated homes to help them see the dimensions and features of their planned homes. 


  • Unity Homes doesn’t have a financing mechanism to assist customers. 
A spacious white home with a forest-style aesthetic, featuring a glass window and a wide lawn. The home has a mellow and peaceful atmosphere with a large window that provides natural light and picturesque view of the surrounding forest. The exterior of the house is clean and minimalist, blending seamlessly with the natural environment.
Prefab home in a gorgeous rural backdrop. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Their design team was able to create a space for us that is beautiful, functional, and energy efficient.”

Donna Flax. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Based in Walpole, New Hampshire, Unity Homes has been operating since 2012. Although the company builds most of its prefabricated homes in the New England region, they’ve built homes as far as Ohio and North Carolina. They use 3D computer-generated models to help design their customers’ custom homes. Unity Homes’ gallery is informative and gives customers an idea of the budget range they need to prepare for each model. 

Whispering Pines Modular Home Sales and Service  


  • Whispering Pines’ gallery informs customers which models are new and which are on display. 
  • For customers who can’t visit Whispering Pines’ lot, there are 3D tours on their website to help them appreciate the different modular home models. 
  • Aside from prefabricated houses, Whispering Pines also sells manufactured and mobile homes. 


  • Customers need to book tours to view model homes. 
A lovely elevated white modular home in New Hampshire
A lovely white modular home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“We were shown a nice rental home within the community and have been very impressed so far.”

Christopher Rousseau. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Whispering Pines has been a trusted supplier of modular homes in New Hampshire since 1958. They have a dedicated team of subcontractors to help customers with their building needs, including conducting site surveys to ensure that the customer’s lot is ready for construction. Whispering Pines also sells manufactured and mobile homes for customers who are interested in other house types. 


As the years go by, more people gravitate towards alternative housing options like modular homes. These homes are easy to build and affordable. There are many options to choose from owing to the many manufacturers available. If you want to build a prefabricated home, consider building in New Hampshire. It is one of the best states to live in. If security, health, and education are your top priorities, New Hampshire is an excellent choice.

To be sure that your prefabricated home will stand the test of time, hire one of the best New Hampshire modular home builders listed above. They are experts in their field and can deliver spectacular results. If you are open to working with builders from out of state, consider hiring one of the top prefab builders in the neighboring states of Maine, Massachusetts, or Vermont. Follow our Facebook page for more information about other outstanding alternative homes like barndominiums, shouses, and shipping container homes. 


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