Top 5 Modular & Prefab Home Builders in Maryland | 2024 List

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If you want to live in Maryland but want a building that stands out, consider building a modular home. You can customize it to have all the features you need. You can move into your new home faster since it is easy to build. It is also more affordable than conventional homes. If you’re ready to commit to a prefabricated house, the first step is to find the right builder.

This article features some of the best modular home builders in Maryland and highlights the advantages of building with them. You will also read reviews from previous customers about their experiences working with our featured builders. 

Why Build a Prefab or Modular Home in Maryland?

Maryland is a beautiful state to live in. It has 31 miles of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. It is also home to the famous Chesapeake Bay. The state has 17 historic towns where you can relive the colonial times. Maryland also has a wonderful climate with warm summers and moderately cold winters. 


Although a modular home is attractive, not everything about it is great. For one, you might have limited design and customization options. If you want a prefabricated home with all the features you want, look for a builder that fully customizes their prefab homes. 

Although modular houses are gaining popularity, more people still prefer traditional houses. This can make it challenging to sell your prefabricated home in the future. Some builders sell pre-owned properties, so you might want to enlist their assistance in finding a buyer. 

Another downside of building a prefabricated home in Maryland is the state’s cost of living. Maryland has the ninth most expensive cost of living in the country. Maryland’s cost of living is 1.11 times more expensive than the national average. However, don’t let this discourage you because living in Maryland has many benefits that outweigh this drawback. 

If you want more information about these amazing homes, read our prefab vs. modular article for a more in-depth comparison. 

How Long Does it Take to Build a Modular/Prefab Home in Maryland?

Building a modular home in Maryland can take about four to six months. This is a timeline for the entire process, from design to installation and finishing. However, it can take longer if you want a custom-built prefabricated house. A larger home can also take longer to build. 

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Modular prefab home construction

Can I Finance a Prefabricated or Modular Home in Maryland?

Yes, you can finance a modular home in Maryland. However, not all banks provide loans for prefabricated houses, so make sure the bank you have in mind finances prefabricated homes. 

How Much Does it Typically Cost to Build a Prefab or Modular Home in Maryland?

If you are building a traditional house in Maryland, prepare to spend between $155 and $450 per square foot. This makes a prefabricated home affordable since it costs only $65 to $100 per square foot. If you are open to other options, consider building a barndominium in Maryland, as it is another affordable alternative to a traditional house. 

Are There Any Special Building Regulations I Should Be Aware Of?

Counties can implement building regulations unique to their locations, so it will be best to consult the local building and permit office to get more information about unique building regulations. For example, if you’re building in Montgomery County, a building permit costs $0.767865 per square foot for the first 5,000 square feet of construction. In the City of Salisbury, a building permit costs $1,100 for the first $100,000 of construction costs plus $10 for every additional $1,000 of added construction costs. 

Who Are The Best Modular & Prefab Home Builders in Maryland?

It is prudent to hire the best prefabricated home builder in Maryland to build a modular home to standards while staying within budget. Here are some builders you might want to consider:

Finish Werks


  • Finish Werks has a partner realtor to assist customers still looking for land to build on. 
  • Finish Werks also handles additions for customers who want to expand their current buildings. 
  • The company can install solar panels for customers who want a source of green energy for their prefabricated homes. 


  • Finish Werks doesn’t have in-house financing services. 
A single-story home with a minimalist design, featuring a white exterior and a cozy feel. The home is set against a forest-style background, giving it a rustic and natural feel that blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment.
A cozy white prefab home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Crews onsite are very personable and happily answer any questions they are asked.”

Brandon Bennett. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Finish Werks is a building company based in Laurel, Maryland. The company builds new prefabricated houses and installs additions to existing ones. Finish Werks can help you design a unique floor plan if you want a one-of-a-kind prefabricated home. This can ensure that your modular home has all the features you want. 

Fraley Modular Homes


  • Fraley Modular Homes offers full-service packages wherein they take care of the entire building process for customers. 
  • Fraley Modular Homes offers a one-year workmanship warranty and a 10-year RWC New Home warranty for their prefabricated homes. 
  • The company offers custom-design services for customers who want to build unique prefabricated houses. 


  • Farley Modular Homes does not offer in-house financing services. 
A spacious home with high ceilings, featuring a neutral color palette and front entrance with two doors and stairs leading up to the front. The house has a modern and minimalist design, set against a natural background. The high ceilings create a feeling of grandeur and the neutral colors provide a sense of serenity.
A two-story modular home with a wrap-around porch. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Our home was built to our expectations and completed on schedule.”

Cindy Mckenzie. Source: Facebook 

Our Thoughts

Farley Modular Homes is a builder based in Libertytown, Maryland. They have turnkey services for customers needing experts to completely manage their prefabricated homes’ construction. Aside from custom home design and building, Farley Modular Homes also offers several other services, including well drilling, septic installation, site evaluation, and lot percolation. 

Chesapeake Energy Homes


  • Chesapeake Energy Homes offers prefabricated additions to customers who want to expand their homes. 
  • Aside from building prefabricated homes, the company also offers renovation services for customers who want to make their structures more functional. 
  • Chesapeake Energy Homes’ customers can virtually tour the company showroom to understand the available finishing and design options better. 


  • Chesapeake Energy Homes has no in-house financing. 
A two story, elevated minimalist home with a cozy feel, featuring a brown exterior and a front entrance with stairs leading up to the front door. The front of the house boasts a large glass window, providing natural light and a picturesque view to the inside of the house.
Modular home with a neutral color scheme. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“They worked with our budget and listened to our wants while providing suggestions in areas we weren’t sure about.”

Jill Lee. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Chesapeake Energy Homes is a custom prefabricated home builder based in Annapolis, Maryland. Aside from building new modular homes, the company also handles prefabricated home additions for customers who need more space in their homes. They also handle renovation projects to help customers make the most out of their houses by making them more functional. Chesapeake Energy Homes sources its modular homes from its partner manufacturer Icon Legacy. Although the company doesn’t have in-house financing, it has a partnership with Severn Savings Bank to help customers with their financing needs. 

Willoughby Construction and Consulting


  • Willoughby Construction and Consulting have a diverse gallery of modular home designs to inspire customers. Visit our Instagram account for more images of outstanding exterior designs and floor plans. 
  • Willoughby is LEED-certified to provide energy-efficient homes and for its sustainable building practices.
  • The company also offers remodeling services for customers who want to refresh their houses. 


  • Willoughby did not provide any information about model modular homes that customers can tour. 
A two-story, light blue modular home by willoughby homes
A two-story, light blue modular home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Willoughby Construction is a top-notch company that cares about their final product as well as the people they are working for.”

Celia Hartman. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Willoughby Construction and Consulting is a construction company based in Hagerstown, Maryland. Although the company specializes in prefabricated houses, it can also build custom homes. The company offers remodeling services for customers who want to upgrade their homes and improve functionality. It has a partner credit company to help customers who want to build modular homes but need assistance in financing. 

Coastal Living Home Sales


  • Coastal Living Home Sales’ sales center has a dozen model homes that customers can tour. 
  • The company’s model homes have pricing information to give customers a better idea of how far their budget will take them. 
  • Coastal Living Home Sales offers financing solutions for customers who need help in financing the construction of their modular homes. 


  • Coastal Living’s service area is limited to the lower Del-Mar-Va peninsula. 
A two-story home with cape cod architecture and chalet-inspired design elements. The home features a combination of traditional and rustic design elements, set against a picturesque landscape.
Awesome modular prefab home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“The attention to details, customer service, and downright friendliness was awesome!!”

Christine Webb. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

If you are looking for an expert builder in the Del-Mar-Va peninsula, you might want to consider Coastal Living Home Sales. They have 12 model houses in their home center that customers can tour. Aside from building modular houses, they can also handle other site work, including excavations, foundations, septic systems, and HVAC systems. They can also handle additions like garages and decks. 


If you love touring historical towns, Maryland is ideal for building a prefab home. You can spend your weekends exploring colonial-era towns or lounging on Maryland’s countless serene beaches and resorts. Maryland is also excellent for your modular home if you want to live in an area with warm summers and moderately cold winters. 

If you are ready to take the plunge and build your prefabricated house, you can partner with any of the builders mentioned above. These builders are experts in their field and can deliver quality results for aspiring homeowners. You can also check our listing of the top modular home builders in the surrounding states of Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Follow our Facebook page for news and information about other unique house types like barndominiums, shipping container homes, and shouses. 


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