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prefab modular homes in Indiana
Gorgeous modular homes in Indiana

Modular or prefabricated houses are structures manufactured in plants and delivered ready to assemble on construction sites. They are inexpensive when compared to traditional houses. Since most of the building gets done off-site, they are faster to build. If you are interested in a prefabricated home, you need to hire an expert builder to ensure your house is built to last.

This article closely examines some of Indiana’s best modular or prefab builders. We will discuss what these builders can offer and what their customers say about them so you can choose the best builder according to your needs.

Why Build a Prefab or Modular Home in Indiana?

Indiana is a great place to live in. It is famous for its Southern sensibilities. Indiana has one of the lowest costs of living in the entire country and can help you make the most out of your money. It has many open spaces and a relaxed pace of life, making it ideal for those who want to escape the hectic life in urban areas.


There are disadvantages to building a prefabricated house. The entire house gets manufactured off-site, so there’s no way to monitor the quality of the structure until it gets delivered to your location. This is one of the reasons why choosing the right builder is a crucial decision. Working with an established builder with an impressive track record minimizes the chances of receiving a low-quality modular home. 

Another issue concerns resale value. Although prefabricated houses are gaining popularity, most homeowners still prefer traditional houses, which can affect the resale value of a prefabricated home. Read our prefab vs. modular homes article to learn about the advantages, disadvantages, and differences between these two types of houses. 

How Long Does it Take to Build a Modular/Prefab Home in Indiana?

According to a supplier of prefabricated homes, it can take between three to four months to ultimately build a prefabricated house. This time frame starts when the modular house is set on the foundation. 

A wooden prefab home under construction, with partially assembled walls and a partially built roof, sitting on a grassy lot with trees in the background. The prefabricated panels and trusses are clearly visible, showcasing the efficient and sustainable building method of using modular components.
Prefab home construction site

Can I Finance a Prefabricated or Modular Home in Indiana?

Yes, you can finance a prefabricated home in Indiana. However, you need to look for a bank or lending company that finances modular homes since some banks are still unfamiliar with this type of home. 

How Much Does it Typically Cost to Build a Prefab or Modular Home in Indiana?

The cost to build a modular home in Indiana, including materials and labor, is between $90 and $120 per square foot, which is cheaper than a stick-built home that costs between $110 and $150 per square foot. If you haven’t decided on a prefabricated home, you can explore alternative options, like building a barndominium in Indiana.

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Are There Any Special Building Regulations I Should Be Aware Of?

Building a modular home in Indiana is like building a conventional home and is subject to the regulations and requirements of the county where you intend to build. However, counties have different building regulations so check with the local building office to ensure you follow all local regulations and avoid penalties or construction delays. For example, if you are building in Evansville, the building permit fee costs $0.06 per square foot with a minimum $100 fee, while the fee in the City of Frankfurt is $200 plus $0.02 per square foot if the building exceeds 1,500 square feet of total floor area. 

Who Are The Best Modular & Prefab Home Builders in Indiana?

If it’s your first time building a house, partnering with the right builder can help ensure the success of your construction project. Below are some of Indiana’s top modular home builders. 

Clear Creek Homes


  • Clear Creek Homes has several display homes that customers can visit personally or via a 3D tour. 
  • The company has a wide selection of home styles and floor plans for its customers. If you want access to more floor plans and design ideas, visit our floor-plans today. 
  • Clear Creek Homes also lists previously-owned prefabricated houses. 


  • Clear Creek Homes only builds in South Central Indiana. 
A single-story blue prefab home with a tiled roof and a two-car garage sits on a well-manicured lawn, with a stone pathway leading up to the front door.
Gorgeous blue modular home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“We are very happy with the home, and it came at a great price even with the upgrades!”

Amber Nikirk Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Clear Creek Homes partners with several modular home manufacturers so customers can have their pick of the manufacturer. The company offers a variety of design options like ranch, Cape Cod, and two-story prefabricated homes. Clear Creek Homes also sells pre-owned properties, ideal for prospective homeowners who need prefabricated homes that they can occupy immediately. 

Shipshewana Homes


  • The modular homes that Shipshewana sells come with a one-year limited warranty and ten years of structural warranty.
  • Shipshewana Homes offers complete turnkey construction, wherein they handle all aspects of the construction process.  
  • Shipshewana Homes offers 3D Home Tours of select models. 


Tours of model houses are on a by-appointment basis only. 

A blue two story modular house with a stone pathway leading to the entrance, surrounded by a wide, lush lawn.
Spacious two-story prefab home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“We really like our modular we bought from Shipshewana Homes”

Pam Ward-King. Source: Facebook

Our Thoughts

Shipshewana Homes has been building modular houses since 1977. They offer complete turnkey services to customers who want a contractor to handle the entire construction process. If you have handyman skills, they also sell modular homes, and you can act as your general contractor. Shipshewana Homes offers fully-customizable floor plans to accommodate the lifestyle that you’re used to. 

D&J Homes


  • D&J Homes offers 3D tours of their modular home models. 
  • The company has an online inventory of available prefabricated houses. 
  • D&J Homes offers in-house financing options for customers. 


  • There is limited information about the warranty of their modular homes. 
A relaxing home with a roll-down garage door, set against a backdrop of lush green fields.
Amazing country-style modular prefab home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“I would recommend them to anyone looking for a manufactured or modular home!”

– Tyler Danner. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

D&J Homes has been in the modular homes business since 1946, making them ideal if you are looking for experienced builders. What’s amazing about the company is the amount of detail available with their floor plans. Their floor plans include specifications, dimensions, a breakdown of the rooms, bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures, etc. Their online inventory is also very helpful since you’ll know exactly which prefabricated homes are available and which ones you need to pre-order. 

Thornes Homes


  • Thornes Homes offers site consultation services.
  • The company is licensed to install septic systems and HVAC systems.
  • Thornes Homes builds garages and additions. 


  • Some customer reviews indicate that their modular houses are a bit more expensive than those of competitors. 
A brown and white prefab home with a roll-down garage door, surrounded by a wide, lush lawn. The home features a tiled roof and a stone pathway leading up to the front entrance, adding to its charming and rustic aesthetic.
A single-story prefab home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Amazing modern farmhouse model…staff was very helpful and informative.”

Larry Mullins. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Thornes Homes offers turnkey services to customers who need builders to take care of the entire construction process. The company can conduct site inspections to guide customers in preparing the site and provide input on the type of prefabricated home that will suit the property. Another advantage of Thornes Homes is that it is licensed to install HVAC and septic systems, so customers won’t need to hire other professionals to complete their homes. 

Heckaman Homes


  • Heckaman Homes serves not just Indiana but also the surrounding states of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Iowa. 
  • They have a visualizer program on their website to assist customers who want to see different design styles. Check our Instagram account for more interior design inspirations you can use. 
  • Heckaman Homes offers a wide range of options for countertops, kitchen accessories, bathroom fixtures, windows, etc. 


  • Heckaman Homes is a supplier and sub-contractor but does not act as a general contractor. 
A white modular home with roll-down garage door and a tiled roof sits on a wide, well-manicured lawn.
Modular home with a white color scheme. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Impressive models on site. High-quality built homes with a knowledgeable sales force.”

– Hannah Techel. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Heckaman Homes is one of Indiana’s oldest modular home builders, having been established in 1969. They have 3D walkthroughs for customers who want to see the interiors of prefabricated home models from the comforts of their homes. Their visualizer program is useful in testing interior design combinations and color schemes. Heckaman Homes builds not just in Indiana but in neighboring states too. 

Sherlock Homes of Indiana, Inc.


  • Sherlock Homes also builds additions like porches, garages, decks, fencing, and patios. 
  • Sherlock Homes is licensed to work on wells and septic systems.
  • The company builds energy-efficient homes that can reduce heating bills considerably. 


  • Sherlock Homes services only Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. 
A single-story prefab home with a veranda and a green roof, sits on a well-manicured lawn. The veranda provides a perfect spot to sit and relax.
Modular prefab home with a green roof. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Sherlock went above and beyond for us even after our home was done. Their customer service is outstanding.”

– Fran Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Sherlock Homes is a builder of modular homes for residents of Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. They are partners with three manufacturers, so customers have diverse models to choose from. Aside from their pre-drawn floor plans, they can customize them to suit their customers’ special requirements. 


If you are still searching for a place to settle in, Indiana should be on top of your list. Its low costs of living can help homeowners save on daily expenses. It has friendly people and low crime rates. Indiana has many rural areas where you can live in tranquillity. Indiana also has thriving urban areas within reach, like Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, if you need access to shops and items not available in your location. 

Aside from the low cost of living, you can also save money by building a modular home. Prefabricated homes are easier and cheaper to build. With the help of the exemplary builders listed above, you can build a house within budget without sacrificing quality. You can also check our directory of the best prefab builders in the neighboring states of Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky if you want more options. Like and follow our Facebook page to access more informative articles about prefabricated homes and alternative housing options like barndominiums and shouses. 


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