Pioneer Pole Buildings – Is It Worth Building With Them? (Review)

A brown and green barndominium. by  pioneer pole buildings in a rural setting
A brown and green barndominium. Image via

As pole barn buildings become more desired these days, Pioneer Pole Buildings also secures its spot in the list of trusted pole barn builders in the country. The company is known for its prime pole barn homes and extensive commercial pole structures that are functional and customizable in many ways.

Serving for almost three decades, they always do their best to serve the people of the mid-Atlantic region. Pioneer Pole Buildings is also acclaimed for its competitive pricing and reliable start-to-finish services, a point ahead of its competitors.

What more could they offer to anyone seeking to own a pole building? To answer that, let’s proceed and have a thorough Pioneer Pole Buildings review right away!

Pioneer Pole Buildings Overview


Pioneer Pole Buildings was established in 1998, providing superior post-frame building services that gained them eminence in the construction business. Throughout their years of operation, they have managed to deliver many heavy-duty and tailor-made pole barns and post-frame units and obtained a team of proficient engineers and construction crew to assist clients. Due to the company’s outstanding work, it received accreditation and membership from the National Frame Builders Association. 

Pioneer Pole Buildings grew and promoted their services to cater to northeastern states covering not only Pennsylvania but also New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware. If you’re in one of those states, you might have heard about them, for they are one of the most recommended builders in town. They are also open to serving other areas outside their scope.

An image of a red and white barndominium with a striking red roof. The building features two small windows flanking a central white door, and three large garage doors for vehicles or equipment storage. The combination of the red and white colors creates a bold and attractive appearance.
A red and white barndominium. Image via

Products and Services

Pioneer Pole Buildings offer almost all types of pole barn and post-frame buildings. They provide start-to-end construction assistance, making the process easy for you. The builder also offers barndominium financing through a bank (Wells Fargo), customizing buildings according to your needs, complete construction, extras like re-roofing, re-skinning, excavation, floor concrete finishing, and more!

Pioneer Pole Buildings welcome inquiries regarding other services you may have in mind, so don’t hesitate to contact them. Luckily, they have partners to satisfy your building needs, so it’s best to coordinate with them to achieve the pole barn home or post-frame structure you’re aiming for.

On the other hand, their products are of a wide variety. Since we are talking about pole barn buildings, the pole barn home kits they manufacture are utilitarian and functional yet attractive.

Pioneer Pole Buildings can design and supply: 

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An image of a brown barndominium with a sleek grey roof. The building features two small windows and a central glass door, allowing ample natural light inside. The solid brown color of the building creates a warm and inviting atmosphere
A brown barndominium with grey roof. Image via


  • Pole barn homes
  • Detached garages
  • Sheds
  • Storage
An image of a charming red residential barndominium with a crisp white roof. The building features three small windows and a central white door that opens onto a cozy porch. The bold red color adds a touch of character to the traditional style of the building.
A charming red barndominium. Image via


  • Warehouses
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Utilities
  • Public structures
An image of a sleek grey and white fire department metal building. The building features two large white doors, providing easy access for fire trucks. The modern color scheme of grey and white creates a professional and functional appearance
Grey and white metal building. Image via

Other Custom Builds

  • Agricultural
  • Equestrian
  • Gambrel multipurpose barns
  • 3-sided barns
  • Pavilion pole barns
An image of a charming peach agricultural barndominium with a verdant green roof. The building features small windows and a central white door that opens onto a welcoming porch. The warm peach color adds a touch of elegance to the practical design of the building.
A peach agricultural metal building. Image via

From housing to business to utilities, they’ve got you covered as long as you’re aiming for a post frame or pole barn structure. If you are going for a modified pole barn unit, make sure to browse our catalog of floor plans to make your pole barn hunt easier. And your ideal home plan might just be there waiting to be purchased!


Pioneer Pole Buildings’ cost of products and services is not disclosed online. That said, it may vary depending on your preferences. It could also change depending on extra services and finishes. We suggest reading their website’s FAQs and contacting them for a quote and exact pricing details. Though they promise affordable pricing, it is always best to get a direct estimate.

For affordable housing, you can also consider barndominiums, which are quite related and similar to pole barn homes. Here’s a helpful guide to barndominiums for your reference.

Client Testimonials

Pioneer Pole Buildings is already 20+ years in service, showing that they have already earned praise for their work and efforts. Here are some statements from their clients that prove their amazing service.

“Dealing with Pioneer has been a great experience, from the first conversation to the final inspection. Everyone was extremely professional and provided a wonderful end result. We are completely pleased with our pole barn”

Mada S.  Source: Pioneer Pole Buildings Facebook

“I want to thank PPB for another fantastic job on my newest 30x40x10 garage. They built my first garage in the Poconos several years ago and after relocating closer to our families there was no doubt who would be building the second oneAwesome work and communication throughout.”

Jeff B.  Source: Pioneer Pole Buildings Facebook

Advantages and Disadvantages

Now, we will help you weigh the pros and cons of choosing Pioneer Pole Buildings.


Hiring Pioneer Pole Buildings as your builder is best if you want a strong and structurally sound pole barn unit at a practical cost. Their kits are made of high quality materials such as heat-rolled steel and designed by their adept engineers to hold out against 90 MPH minimum wind.

For every purchase, one gets a 50-year warranty on their pole barn plus a 2-year guarantee for the company’s workmanship. There’s lifetime snow and post-warranty as well, but for a limited time only. This is a merit, especially if you often face extreme weather. In addition to all these perks, they also claim to have low rates and pricing.

Additionally, the company is already established with a good reputation and is rated as A+ by Better Business Bureau for its excellent services. 


According to some reviews, the company’s slow manufacturing, and building progress is the only thing they can see as a downside. Since Pioneer Pole Buildings is famous in the northeast region, they often get many clients at once, slowing down individual production and construction.

This could be the only thing you need to mind. Nonetheless, you can talk to their team regarding your building schedule.

Should You Choose Pioneer Pole Buildings?

Bottomline, Pioneer Pole Buildings is worth considering, for they are one of the top pole building contractors in Northeastern America. They have gained trust for their reliable services and supreme kits that withstand strong weather. You can rest assured that the units are quality controlled and meticulously built to standards.

This company is also one of the few builders in the industry that declares affordable pricing with great perks for every purchase, though they haven’t revealed their rates on their website. But still, every purchase from them is coupled with a great deal that covers every phase of your construction. We suggest contacting them if you have more queries; they have great customer service.

We hope this article will help you choose the best pole barn builder. Browse our website for additional content on unconventional housing solutions like prefab houses and shipping container homes.


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