The simple facade of the house

Perfect Hobby Building for the Entire Family

Tall trees and green lawn are what surround this house, giving it the feel of a cabin in the woods, only this one is made from metal. The house has a wide lawn, a perfect place where the children can actually run around and play. Although the house is not that huge, it can still accommodate up to a medium-sized family of four.

Ash gray gray is the base color of the walls

The house is situated right beside a lake and has a brick accent on the outside wall which adds to the rustic theme. This metal home is truly one of a kind and one of the pride masterpieces of Morton Buildings.

As for the interior, expect to find a very homey and cozy environment with wooden furniture and also a brick fireplace. There is also a rocking chair in the living room, perfect for grannies and old folks who want to live in a peaceful environment like this metal home.

The living arae with a fireplace and rocking chair in display

To save more space, the two double beds are placed side by side on the open-space second floor of the house. The beds are visible on the first floor with only the wooden railings that serve as a divider.

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The dark brown sofa is a perfect match to the wooden inetrior

A medium-sized garage is also added at the side of the house. The garage can house up to two or three boats or cars. If you feel like playing sports, a makeshift basketball ring is also placed inside the garage. Near the basketball, ring is the wooden double doors that lead to the inside of the metal cabin.

View of the interior of the garage

You won’t miss this entrance as the phrase “Welcome to the Cabin” is placed just above the doorpost. This metal home is a great place to feel the cozy atmosphere of country life where you can go boating or fishing.

Stats:  48’W x 16’H x 53’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B046041124

Source: Morton Buildings


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