Outstanding Metal Hunting Lodge Home (HQ Pictures)

Living on the outskirts of town also has its perks, especially if you want to live in peace and out of the big city. This outstanding metal hunting lodge home is ideal for a small family who wants a nice peaceful house to spend their vacations in. It may also serve as a family retreat house.

Castle-like facade

There are so many sustainable features that make this house perfect for people who would like to experience a new assortment of leisure activities and bonding moments. It also promotes outdoor recreation and indoor relaxation.

Upfront, it is not so large but it is heavily inspired by early village houses. It also has high walls and quirky architecture. The front yard is as big as the house itself and can easily be adorned with whatever artistic landscaping ideas you have in mind. From afar, it somehow looks like a tiny castle straight from a fairy tale. The tower room can be converted however you like. Air can freely circulate within the house with this feature.

Spacious living room

The interior of this house is heavenly and is quite different from what we see outside. Everything is made of wood, with the exception of the fireplace which is made of sturdy red bricks and the granite countertops in the kitchen. The common areas are open, which makes conversing with the family very easy. Living in a house like this is truly a breather.  There’s no doubt that the whole family will enjoy living in this house.

Open kitchen, bar and dining area

Make sure to check if you may have this house built on steel frames, to ensure longevity and durability. Metal siding could also be a considerable option.

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