A simple exterior of the metal pole barn home
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One Man + $80,000 = This Awesome 30 x 56 Metal Pole Barn Home! (25 Pics)

If a friend told you that he intends to build a house despite having zero construction background, you would probably laugh it off as a joke. Well, guess what? It is actually unbelievably possible!

Who would have thought that a man without construction experience could build an amazing metal pole barn house? Probably no one except a handy Louisiana man named Blake.

The front porch of the metal pole barn home.
The front porch of the metal pole barn home.

He decided to build his metal pole barn house as a vacation home on his own. His zero construction experience certainly did not stop Blake from erecting a beautiful metal home with an impressive interior.

He only had a contractor work on the exterior and took care of the rest of the building himself during his free time. The house looks every inch like a vacation home and appears to fit perfectly among the trees surrounding it and the nearby lake.

The metal home may look like a simple building from the outside, but the interior design is the complete opposite and will definitely blow you away. It is carefully crafted and built with style. Although his wife was initially apprehensive about the idea, he now admits that his family loves the vacation home even more than their main home.

The living-dining room of the cozy metal pole barn home.
The living-dining room of the cozy metal pole barn home.

Blake amazingly maximized the available space of this metal pole barn home. As soon as you step through the front door, the first room is the cozy living cum dining room; it is well-lit and has beautiful dark brown laminate flooring. The high walls have excellent tongue and groovy knotty sidings. There is also a dining table at the corner, perfect for bonding with family during meals.

The living room has a cute black spiral staircase leading to the sleeping loft above, which his kids love. The modest kitchen has a tiled floor, and he is working on finishing up the cabinets and countertop for the final look.

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The exteriors of the pole barn home in grey.
The exterior of the pole barn home in grey.

A corridor leads us to the rest of the rooms in the home; there is a bedroom with enough room for a large bed and a toilet and bath further down the corridor. The back door leads us to a fantastic open space porch that overlooks the lush greenery behind the house.

The porch is perfect for relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a hot cup of coffee and a book or as you watch the kids playing. It is also perfect for hosting an evening barbecue. The house has quite a lot of rooms for a 1,680 square feet property. What is even more amazing is that Blake built this home on a modest budget of $80,000! The home is the epitome of style and affordability.

Stats: 30 x 56 x 14, 1680 (first floor) sq. ft.

Cost: around $80,000

Plan: owners do not share it publicly; feel free to contact them.

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Note: this home may be constructed using metal framing; however, you should always consult your local architect-engineer and receive a professional evaluation if such an option is feasible for this plan and your local building codes.

Source: Milligansganderhillfarm


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