An exemplary abode in a pastoral setting

Old Barn Transformed Into Awesome Metal Home (HQ Pictures)

It’s hard to tell that this amazing home was once an old barn. Resting peacefully in these soothing calm woods is a rare gem that is perfect for families who want to go unplugged for a change.

The framed facade with classy taste

This awesome three-story home has a very interesting design aesthetic, which would surely appeal to a lot of people. At the back of this beautiful home is an amazing healthy lake which is inhabited with all kinds of fish. Fathers could go fish in the lake and happily feed the family without spending too much.

Mothers could relax and host picnics and cooking parties by the lake with the kids and some friends over. The architecture of this home is just exemplary. Just look at the house’s wooden paneled silhouette by the staircase. Only the two stories of this house can be used for their function since the third story is just a little space enough for an accent table, but you can always turn this space into a small office with a writing desk because the view from the window would certainly give you a great dose of inspiration.

Witness this amazing transformation. It’s a world-class masterpiece with a refined and textured look. Since it’s made from metal, the need for maintenance is relatively low. take a look at the gallery below to see how it has beautifully transformed.

Stats: 2,900 sq. feet.

Plans: not available for public, feel free to contact the contractor – Boston Globe.

Source: Boston Globe


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