Metallic Building Company – Should You Choose Them? (Review)

Metallic Building Company (official website) is a trusted choice for quality metal buildings of every type. They specialize in easy-to-understand processes for a smooth-running project whether it is residential, agricultural, recreational or anything else that can be erected on a solid steel frame structure.

Committed to getting it right all the time, Metallic Building Company simplifies the building processes to deliver the best product in time. It is also a no-brainer, that this contractor only uses the best quality materials designed to optimize the durability of any structure including residential metal building homes, also known as barndominiums.

The company cultivates great customer service and relations catering to people all around the US and Mexico. From first sight, it seems that Metallic Building Company is the real deal and can definitely be considered as a solid option. But before you make a decision do read this review in full to learn more about all ins and outs they truly have to offer, pricing, and of course testimonials of the company’s clients.

Metal building with tall front windows in sand color exterior erected by Metallic Building Company
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How It All Started? Foundation Matters!

Having the right skills, resources, and knowledge is a huge advantage in the metal building industry. This is where the Metallic Building Company is best known for. Founded by Gilbert Leach and Charlie McDaniel in Houston, Texas, the company started its operations in 1946 (my parents weren’t even born yet!). It is one of the pioneers in the field and has become a well-known and highly trusted brand in the industry all over the US.

The company itself has a long and rich history, but don’t worry – we will keep it short. Initially, they were known as Metallic, Marathon Metallic, and Metallic Braden. Later at some point in time, they rebranded as “Metallic Building Company”, maintaining good relations with both employees and business partners and still successfully erecting metal building structures to this day. Interestingly, some dealerships dating back to the 1960s are still their partners today. This tells a lot about being consistently good at what they do and how their board runs the business.

Red metal barn building with three white doors and side porches built by Metallic Building Company
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Services and Products of Metallic Building Company

Whether you are working on a small-scale residential metal home project or a large commercial one, you will certainly get a tailored solution when you work with Metallic. In addition, they have simplified the construction and assembly processes for a more speedy completion with minimal to zero mishaps and delays.

Metallic Building Company provides customizable pre-engineered steel buildings and covers these industries:

  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Retail
  • Storage
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  • Churches
  • Warehouses
  • and many more.
  • Huge manufacturing facilities established in metal building built by Metallic Building Company
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    In addition, they also have building solutions that might be perfect for your project:

    • Envelope Solutions – Energy-efficient solutions that are both freeze and fire-resistant.
    • Long Bay System – Custom-engineered designs to accommodate buildings that require large open spaces like warehouses.
    • NuRoof – An innovative roofing solution that is both lightweight and durable. Furthermore, it does not sacrifice the aesthetics and flexibility that is needed for your roof.
    • Panels – Metallic has an array of wall and roof solutions like insulated metal panels and single skin panels that you can choose from.
    • Roll-up Doors – Quality doors manufactured by BDCI for both commercial and residential needs.
    • Hybrid or Structural Steel Solutions – Perfect for projects that need efficient and durable structures that can be completed quickly like theaters, hotels, arenas, and many more.
    • ExpressPlus Buildings – Pre-engineered steel buildings that do not need complex designs like small buildings or storages. These are quick and easy to construct and friendly on the wallet.

    If you want to see more products that Metallic has to offer, you can go to this page.

    How Much Will It Cost You?

    There is no set price or cost if you choose to go with the Metallic Building Company. This is because they offer a variety of solutions with customizable design elements which really comes down to what engineering and design options you choose not to mention actual building materials. Having all of these points in mind, it is best to contact them directly for a more accurate quote or at least some rough price guidelines. You can visit this page to contact them.

    Metal building garage in light sand color exterior with six dark brown garage doors erected by Metallic Building Company
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    Advantages of Choosing Metallic Building Company

    So, why should you choose the Metallic Building Company for your project? Since 1946, the company has continually strived to provide only the best to its clients. From the manpower down to the materials and engineering processes, they only choose the cream of the crop.

    Furthermore, they constantly develop and test their new products and solutions to produce stay on the top of the game in the metal building field. They are also known for their exceptional customer service and clients do testify for this (read client reviews below). Additionally, Metallic Building Company aims to be responsive and flexible so it is easy to do business with them even if your terms and expectations are very high.

    They also make sure that you get their hands-on support throughout the building process and let me tell you this is a very very important aspect in the whole construction game. Having someone experienced to advise, guide, and report back on what is and will be happening is crucial. Your quality of sleep will be much much better, trust me on this one.

    White metal building with dar green trimming erected by Metallic Building Company
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    Possible Downsides

    The company receives a bunch of requests every day, thus there might be a slight delay in the initial communication. However, you can expect a reply from them within the day or the day after. Also, you have the option to contact them directly. You can opt in to call or visit an office near you if you are eager to speed things up.

    Client Testimonials

    One of the best things about the Metallic Building Company is the variety of products it offers. One of their satisfied clients shared that choosing this company was like having an all-in-one shop with a lot of options to choose from. They also make sure to explain the building process in a way that is easy to understand. Furthermore, they always consider the customer’s inputs before anything else.

    Another client who is an interior designer by profession shared that he has worked with a lot of contractors before. However, the Metallic Building Company ranks the best at customer service. From pre-sales to post-project support, the representative from the company went the extra mile to ensure that all of his orders were delivered on schedule and with the right items.

    Metal building used for agricultural purposes in sandy cream colored exterior manufactured by Metallic Building Company
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    Freaquently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: Where is Metallic Buildings Company located?

    A: Their headquarters are in Houston, Texas. Plus, they have district managers and authorized contractors all across North America. They also have thirty-nine manufacturing facilities throughout North America as well.

    Q: What are the company’s organizational affiliations?

    A: Metallic is a partner of different national, regional, and local steel building construction organizations like:

    • AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction)
    • MCA ( Metal Construction Association)
    • MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturers Association)
    • CSI (American Iron and Steel Institute)
    • SSA (Self-Storage Association)
    • NAIMA (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association)
    • NCCA (National Coil Coating Association)
    • MBCEA (Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association)
    • ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors)
    • AIA (American Institute of Architects)
    • A partner of Energy Star

    Q: Which States & Areas Does Metallic Buildings Company Serve?

    A: Metallic Buildings markets its products and services nationwide through local authorized contractors. Additionally, they have manufacturing facilities in Texas (Houston), Illinois (Mattoon), Tennessee (Caryville), Mississippi (Jackson), New Mexico (Hobbs), and Georgia (Tallapoosa). Make initial contact with them to get connected with an authorized contractor in your area all across the US.

    Final Thoughts

    Metal building structures have been part of the construction industry for a fairly long time now. It seems that going with Metallic Building Company‘s array of steel building designs, customization options and expectional customer service would probably be a decision you won’t regret (shit always happen, we cannot guarante that).

    In addition, they have a network of expert builders throughout the entier country who are ready to build any metal struture. To conclude, if you are on the lookout for the right steel construction company for your project, no matter what type, definitely put the Metallic Building Company on your consideration list!


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