Metal Hobby Building for Every Man’s Passion! (HQ Plans & Pictures)

This firm and proud building made of high-quality metal is the best hideaway for every man who is passionate about his hobbies and favorite things. The place boasts of tranquility as well as serenity which would make it ideal for developing something special. The location is superb with the tall trees and lush greenery surrounding it.

The color combination is enough to make one linger as it is pleasing to the eye. Also, the roof is set high enough for his convenience while on the onset of doing his favorite thing, and it also allows air to get in and move around freely. In addition, the overhead door and the walk door are just perfect to add to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Moreover, the roof cupola adds beauty to its exterior which by the way is the real giveaway. Furthermore, the wide, open porch on the side of the building is the perfect place to relax especially when tired and overworked. It gives a direct view of the manicured lawn and the well-tended garden. Truly, it is a sight to behold with all the flowering plants in different colors.

When thinking of a one-of-a-kind building for your hobbies, this is definitely the best there is. It is cost effective but does not disregard the importance of having a solid foundation.

This is indeed a very good looking metal hobby building by Lester Buildings!

Stats: 1,200 sq. feet (30 x 40 x 10)

Features: 7/12 roof pitch, sliding door, overhead door, walk door, 24″ louvered cupola, and 8’x8′ porch.

Plans: scroll down below!



Source: Lester Buildings

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