Metal Depots – Is It Worth Building With Them? (Review)

A spacious light brown barndominium featuring a large central entrance with a gable roof and sliding glass doors. The building has a symmetrical design with a row of windows on either side of the entrance and a metal roof that complements the natural wood siding. The surrounding area is open with a few scattered trees and green grass in the foreground. The image captures the peaceful and rustic ambiance of a modern barndominium with its clean lines, warm color, and natural surroundings.
A light brown barndominium. Image via

Investing in a metal building is opting for a reliable and long-term building. That said, when starting a project, it’s a priority to check the best manufacturers in town that can provide you with the best steel build. We have searched across the US and found one builder supplying superior steel structures to almost anywhere in North America.

Metal Depots manufactures charming metal buildings that can withstand up to 130 mph of wind load and resist harsh weather, such as extreme snow. Their units are suitable for commercial, industrial, or even residential use. But before anything else, we shall get to know Metal Depots and their offers. 

Metal Depots Overview


Metal Depots is a Georgia-based metal building provider distributing pre-engineered steel units to North America. These units are specifically manufactured by their parent company, Cornerstone Building Brands, which is known to supply quality metal accessories. They have nine store branches across the central United States to cater to the needs of property owners in South Carolina, Texas, North Carolina, New Mexico, and Louisiana

Committed to catering to any metal building demands, the entire Metal Depots team is always ready to take on personalized builds. For your interactive experience, there are branch product experts on standby to show you their kit displays and assist you in choosing the best unit. Let’s proceed to know the builds they offer and see if they have the metal unit you prefer.

A spacious light brown barndominium featuring a large central entrance with a gable roof and sliding glass doors. The building has a symmetrical design with a row of windows on either side of the entrance and a metal roof that complements the natural wood siding. The surrounding area is open with a few scattered trees and green grass in the foreground. The image captures the peaceful and rustic ambiance of a modern barndominium with its clean lines, warm color, and natural surroundings.
A light brown barndominium. Image via

Products and Services

Metal Depots offers steel-framed kits in various sizes intended for any building function. They claim they can do your planning, production, and shipping. They can manufacture sturdy metal building products from custom to stock kits and deliver them to your property. 

Their stock kits are usually categorized into a series of builds: backyard buildings, handyman series, and professional series. Small builds that are complementary to detached units are under their backyard build series. The Handyman series includes medium interior units, while their professional series (ranging from 30 x 30 x 10 up to 40 x 60 x 16 feet) are for large-scale areas for businesses.

They also aim to meet the needs of their clients by supplying particular-sized units. If you need custom floor plans, you can choose from our catalog and purchase them from the comfort of your home! Check out our sets now and grab yours!

They can fabricate these varieties of metal structures for certain capacities and purposes.

A beautiful white barndominium nestled in a serene natural landscape. The image shows a rectangular-shaped building with a symmetrical design, a central entrance, and a gabled roof. The exterior walls are finished with white siding and trimmed with black accents around the windows and doors, creating a timeless and elegant look. The building is surrounded by an open green field with a few trees in the distance, and a blue sky with scattered clouds completes the picture. The image captures the peaceful and simple charm of a modern barndominium that blends harmoniously with its surroundings.
A white barndominium. Image via


  • Metal barndominiums
  • Metal shouses
  • Sheds
  • Man caves
  • Hobby shops
  • Detached storages
  • Detached garages
A stunning two-story white barndominium situated in a beautiful rural setting. The image shows a rectangular-shaped building with a gabled metal roof, white siding, and large windows on both levels. The central entrance is accentuated by a covered porch with wooden posts and a metal roof. The surrounding area is open with green grass in the foreground and mature trees in the background. The blue sky and fluffy clouds above complete the serene and inviting ambiance of the scene. The image captures the spacious and contemporary design of a two-story barndominium that is both stylish and functional, offering plenty of natural light and breathtaking views.
A two-story white barndominium. Image via


  • Retail stores
  • Offices
  • Auto dealer/repair shops
  • Automotive facilities
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Business chains
An aerial view of a brown commercial metal building with a large rectangular shape and a flat roof. The building has multiple windows and doors, and a spacious parking lot with several cars and trucks parked in front of it. The metal panels on the building's facade have a smooth texture, and the overall design appears modern and functional. The surrounding landscape is mostly grass and trees, creating a natural contrast to the man-made structure.
A brown commercial metal building. Image via

Agricultural builds

  • Farm barns
  • Produce storages
  • Commodity buildings
  • Machinery storages
  • Farm vehicle garages
  • Livestock shelters
  • Horse arenas
  • Hunting tool storages
A front view of a vibrant red barndominium, which serves as a combination of a barn and a residential space. The building has a gabled roof with an overhang and two dormer windows on the upper level. The lower level features large sliding doors, which can be used to store agricultural equipment or vehicles. The upper level has several windows, suggesting that it is used as a living space. The building stands on a vast, open field with a few trees in the background. The sky is blue with fluffy white clouds, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere.
A red agricultural barndominium. Image via

Community builds

  • Sports arenas
  • Recreational centers
  • Conventional arenas
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Government buildings

Industrial builds

  • Manufacturing builds
  • Distribution facilities
  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Warehouses

But that’s not all, they also have accessory products such as metal fencing, roofing, roofing panels, fiberglass insulation, and lean-to structures– perfect for barndominiums or metal building homes with swimming pools or extensions for sunrooms.


The company does not reveal any pricing, but inquiries and requests for quotes are welcome. They advise contacting their customer service for detailed prices and exact quotes for your custom projects. For now, if you’re having difficulty budgeting or searching for costing tips, we suggest reading our barndominium cost per square foot article. It tackles the cost particulars you might need to consider for your project.

Client Testimonials

Clients have spoken about their experience with Metal Depots, giving them good reviews, especially online. Check some of them below.

“I have had excellent service with Metal Depot in Albuquerque. They even let me come up the day after Thanksgiving and load my materials even though they were busy doing inventory. Now that is service and with a smile! THANKS!”

Eddie F.   Source: Metal Depots Google Reviews

“[A] very smooth transaction, helpful people, and a high-quality product.”

Julie R.   Source: Metal Depots Google Reviews

Advantages and Disadvantages

When partnering with builders you have never worked with, you need to consider the possible benefits and disadvantages first before closing the deal. To help you determine if Metal Depots is your best construction partner, let’s tackle their pros and cons here.


Metal Depots produces units made of 26-gauge steel, which is recommended for such structures. These metals and bracings are claimed to withstand 90 mph to 130 mph winds, severe snowstorms, and other extreme weather. They also guarantee a 40-year warranty for walls and a 20-year warranty for their galvalume roofs.

If DIY construction is your way to go, you won’t be clueless since every purchase is DIY-friendly. Every kit purchase includes stamped engineered floor plans and assembly instructions for an easy step-by-step process.

Speaking of the process, you won’t need to stress yourself with financing. The company has a credit/loan system that enables easy funding applications for your construction. To apply, simply direct to their website’s online credit application form. Read this helpful article if you need more information about financing a metal building home.


Unfortunately, Metal Depots only caters to producing kits and other metal building accessories. They do not offer on-site services, but they can hand out a list of contractors accessible for your location. 

Their deliveries are reliable; they can easily ship kits to your doorsteps. However, additional delivery charges may reflect on your receipt. Aside from that, their team only ships but does not unload kits. Equipment such as front-end loaders is required to unload and carry your metal building, meaning other equipment fees are expected.

The Metal Depots’ builds are impressive but prone to rust and corrosion since they are steel-made. A scratch could lead to more repair and restoration costs if not maintained properly. You can note the advantages and disadvantages of metal building homes by reading this informative article.

Should You Choose Metal Depots?

If you prefer a metal frame over a post-frame or stick-built structures, then Metal Depots is a competitive builder you should not miss out on when searching for potential companies. They offer high-quality and disaster-proof metal kits suitable for any function. They also ship to almost any location, and their stores are open for viewing kits on display. We suggest reviewing their site for contact information, quotation requests, FAQs, and other queries. 

We wish your construction success! For more quick and cost-effective building options aside from metal units, try checking out pole barn homes, shipping container homes, and prefab homes


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