Metal Buildings of Texas – Are They Worth It? (2024 Review)

A light brown barndominium surrounded by lush greeneries
A light brown barndominium. Image via

If you plan to build a barndominium, one of the most important decisions you must make is which builder to partner with. There are so many builders to choose from, and it would take time to scrutinize them on your own. One of these builders is Metal Buildings of Texas. 

This article will take a closer look at Metal Buildings of Texas and their services. We will also weigh the benefits and drawbacks of hiring them to help you decide whether they are the ones you should hire to build your barndominium. 



Metal Buildings of Texas is a company owned by Douglas and Colby Lilley. The company has been providing construction services to residents of East Texas and surrounding areas since 2012. Although the company is based in Livingston, Texas, and primarily caters to customers within the state, they also build for customers in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas

A light brown barndominium surrounded by lush greeneries
A light brown barndominium. Image via

Products and Services  

Not all builders are created equal because some offer products and services that competitors do not. Let’s check out the products and services that Metal Buildings of Texas offers to know if they are the right fit for your needs. 

Turnkey Services

Metal Buildings of Texas provides turnkey services to customers. If you want to build a barndominium and have no idea how to do so, availing of turnkey services is the best thing to do. Metal Buildings of Texas can handle all the aspects of building your barndominium. They will design your barndo, build it, and finish it. This will allow you to concentrate on your work, family, or business while letting the building professionals do their jobs. 

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A brown barndominium in a rural setting.
A brown barndominium. Image via

Sales and Installation of Barndominium Shells

If you are working with a local general contractor and just need the barndo shell, Metal Buildings of Texas can sell and install one. Your general contractor can then handle the construction and finishing phases of your barndominium. This is also a service you can benefit from if you plan on building the barndominium yourself. 

A large white metal building shell in a rural setting
A white two-story barndominium. Image via

Sales and Installation of Metal Covers

Metal Buildings of Texas sells and installs metal covers. They can help you if you need a metal carport or a cover for your RV. 

an elegant brown barndominium with a lush well manicured lawn
A brown barndomnium with garage. Image via

Sales and Installation of Tree Frogs Swing Sets

Metal Buildings of Texas sells and installs Tree Frogs swing sets if you want to turn your backyard into a haven for your young ones. 

a simple yet elegant single story metal building home
A brown single-story barndominium. Image via


Metal Buildings of Texas does not provide pricing information on its website. If you wish to receive information on how much their products and services cost, you need to get in touch with a company representative. Make sure you read our barndominium cost article to learn about the various expenses involved in building your barndominium. 

Client Testimonials

“The price was very reasonable and they were great at explaining anything that we did not understand.”

Jan Bohn. Source: Google Business Review 

“The professionalism and work ethic of the crews warrant an A+”

William Clements. Source: Google Business Review

Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s look at some of the key benefits Metal Buildings of Texas offers its customers. After that, we will check some drawbacks to hiring them to know what to expect while working with them. 


  • Has a partner financing companyFinancing a metal building home can be challenging because some banks don’t offer barndominium financing services. The good news is that Metal Buildings of Texas has a partner financial services company you can work with. This can help you save the time you would have spent searching for a barndominium financing company. 
  • Builds commercial metal buildings – Although their primary focus is on residential structures, Metal Buildings of Texas also builds commercial buildings. You can hire them for both projects if you plan to build a rental or office building alongside your barndominium. You can save time because you don’t need to search for, interview, and hire separate companies for your residential and commercial building needs. 
  • They have a gallery of color options – Metal Buildings of Texas has a gallery of color swatches you can use as you design your barndominium. The gallery will give you an idea of their color options to know if they can deliver the color scheme you favor. However, how these colors look varies depending on the device you use to view them, so use the gallery as a guide, but make sure that you look at an actual sample before deciding. 
  • They have a design program – Metal Buildings of Texas has a design program embedded in its website. You can use this program to develop a custom barndominium plan according to your needs. What’s excellent about this program is that you can play around with different design elements to see if they complement or clash with each other. This program can also be helpful even if you plan on hiring an expert designer to create your floor plan. You can use the program to create an initial design to present to your designer. This will make communicating your ideas easier since your designer already has a visual aid. It can avoid miscommunication which might lead to an inaccurate house design.  
  • They fully customize buildings – If you don’t have a barndominium design in mind, Metal Buildings of Texas can help you craft a custom floor plan. Customizing your barndominium can ensure a structure that looks precisely how you want it. They customize not just barndominiums but also pole barn homes, storage buildings, and commercial structures. 
  • They offer slab and rough plumbing services – Metal Buildings of Texas offers concrete slab and rough plumbing services to customers. If you plan on building a DIY barndo, you can order a barndominium shell from Metal Buildings of Texas, and they make the concrete slab foundation for you. However, these services are not included in their barndominium shell installation, so you’ll have to pay an additional fee. 


  • Turnkey services are not available to everyone Although Metal Buildings of Texas offers turnkey services, these are available only for those building within a 90-minute radius of Livingston, Texas. If your site is beyond their service area, you can order a shell from them, and they will install it for you, but you need to hire a local contractor to complete the construction of your barndominium. 
  • They don’t have a gallery of floor plans One thing you will notice when comparing Metal Buildings of Texas with competitors is that they don’t have a gallery of floor plans on their website. They have a gallery of their previous projects, but the images are of the exteriors and interiors of buildings. If you want to see their floor plans, you’ll need to schedule a meeting with a company representative.  

Should You Choose Metal Buildings of Texas?

Aside from knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of metal building homes, it is crucial to know the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a particular builder. This is why we want to help you understand what working with Metal Buildings of Texas means. The company offers turnkey services and will handle all your construction needs, from design to finishing. They also sell barndo shells if you prefer to hire a local general contractor. You can also work with them if you want to build a commercial structure or need a carport to keep your vehicles safe. 

If you require any of the services listed above, Metal Buildings of Texas is an excellent choice and can help you build a barndo you can be proud of. Like and follow our Facebook page if you want to hear more about shipping container homes, barndominiums, prefab homes, and other alternative housing choices.

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