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Masculine Interior Design Ideas (19 HQ Pictures)


One would think that it is women who are very picky when it comes to home design, in reality, men tend to be the ones who are difficult to please. Most men choose to stick with designs that speak to their taste but are practical at the same time, unlike women who always go for what is on trend in the market.

If you need a little bit of help in designing your bachelor pad, then this article is your life saver. Today, we’re going to unveil several masculine interior designs that will add a bit of character to your place.

Simple yet Practical Minimalist Design

This is usually most men’s go-to design. If a splash of colors and too much furniture makes you cringe, then a minimalist design will certainly be a top option. The principle behind this design is to put only things that are needed, nothing more or less. Being minimalist doesn’t mean going bare and dull in your design. You just have to know what to put where without crowding the space.

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Staying Neutral without Being Boring

This design focuses more on the color aspect of the room. To give your room a masculine vibe without being overbearing, throw in some neutral color in your curtain, bedding, or floor tile. Some popular neutral colors include beige, cream, ash gray, and taupe, and khaki.

travel-inspiredThe Love for Art

What best way to make you interior design become a head-turner than incorporating your own masterpieces in it? Paintings, photographs, and sketches can also add to the vibe so that you can have that personalized masculine interior design that you want.

art-loverDoesn’t Fall Short on Space

Have you ever seen a man in a confined space? It’s like forcing a giant in a box. Thus, an interior design that doesn’t eat up too much space will certainly receive two thumbs up. You should go for a high ceiling and high glass window to allow more light to come in. The more lights enter the room, the more spacious it looks.

modern-lookAn Air of Mystery

There is no denying that mystery is a quality that can easily be associated with men. Dark and intense ambience will certainly give your home interior a masculine feel. Install some dim lighting in the room and favor the stone wall panels and chocolate brown furniture pieces to add to the mysterious effect. The result is a stunning and romantic room design. Seriously, the masculine interior design has never been this sexy and enticing. Way to go to impress your girl!

minimalGo for Modern Stainless Look

Stainless steel is another interior design favorite. It’s resistance properties are perfect for men who emit so much strength in them. The sturdiness of the steel is not a hindrance to its aesthetic appeal. The mixture of metal and modern furniture creates a contemporary vibe and futuristic approach to the home interior.

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