An elegant and sophisticated metal home built by Mark & Angie Kmiec in Aransas, County, Texas.
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M. & A. Kmiec’s Metal Building Home in Arkansas, Texas (15 Pictures)

Are you tired of living in your old, plain house? Then, perhaps it’s time to build a new home that best suits your personal taste and is on par with your current lifestyle. Are you up for it? Let’s take a look at Mark & Angie Kmiec’s beautiful home in Aransas, County, Texas. Maybe, you can get some ideas for your own metal home design.

This beautifully structured metal home is the envy of many for a lot of reasons. First, its clean and white exterior is a refreshing sight as compared to the typical colored houses. It undoubtedly gives the air of elegance and sophistication that your house guests will certainly notice. Second, the lush trees surrounding the area provide enough shades to the house, giving your humble abode the taste of nature.

Third, the sleek and advanced theme in the interior is perfect for today’s modern lifestyle. Fourth, the neutral tone and low lighting inside the house give a cozy ambiance. What’s more, which is the fifth on our list, the decors and unique wall ornaments are definitely head-turner pieces.

This impressive metal home by Mark & Angie Kmiec was built last year, and the whole building process took about eight months to complete. It has a total area of 1800 square feet, which is more than enough space for the two of them.

Are you impressed with Mark & Angie Kmiec’s metal home ideas? Well, we feel the same way. It’s certainly a house that’s worth the effort.

Stats: 1,800 sq.ft.
Plan: not shared by the fan.

Price: would rather not share publicly.

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