Yellow lights are definitely perfect for houses with white or cream walls.

Lovely Country Steel Kit Villa w/ Verandah & Balcony (HQ Plans & Pictures)

Created by an Aussie company named Sheds, this modern house is perfectly designed with a touch of simplicity and elegance. Set with two floors, this house is spacious enough for families of small quantity.

The house itself gives an assuring feeling that you are, indeed, at the right place to feel relaxed without spending anything at all.

The cream-colored steel wall panels give the house a tranquil aura while a scant amount of brown makes it edgy. Pairing the cream wall panels with a glass door of moderate dimension and windows in large panels helps in enhancing the look of the house.

Having a veranda and a balcony is a perfect opportunity for you to spend time freeing yourself from stress while sipping your favorite tea or coffee. Since the cream is light and pale color, pairing it with wooden chairs and tables in a darker shade is a perfect combination. The veranda, though modest-looking, still makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Just like the house’s veranda, the balcony also has this minimalistic arrangement that gives a relaxing effect.

The interior of the house should coincide well with the exterior and that is what the designers actually did. Instead of playing with other shades, the designers opted for white walls as an appreciatory gesture of minimalism and class merged together. Since the place has a cream motif, a yellow backlight is an excellent choice in keeping the sophistication of the house. Both the living room and dining room are located on the first floor, while two bedrooms are positioned on the second floor.

This design is an assurance that it would forever be appreciated throughout the years.

Stats: 2,690 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

Plans: scroll down below!

Construction Ready Plans: click here.

Source: Sheds


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