Light Up Your Home With Nature Inspired Designer Lamps

Overhead lighting may fill the room with light, but it’s the low table lamps that offer the most flattering lighting. The style of lamps you choose will also change the feel of the whole room. If you’re redecorating, be sure to consider what different lamps can do for the mood. Today we suggest You to try out some playful animal inspired lamps who will definitely ad some extraordinary and eccentric accents to Your living space


Porta Romana’s Duck Feet Lamp: This lamp and brand are of the highest of quality and style and are would be a highly recommended purchase. This is surely Porta Romana’s most iconic piece. It was inspired by a visit to a surrealist exhibition, and we love it, especially in its feathered.

via Rocca 50 46019 - Viadana - MN - Italy

Monkey Lamps: This absolutely charming and delightful lighting design by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba is sure to lighten the mood in any interior and works well as a surprise element in more solid spaces.. These Monkey lamps are the perfect example of Seletti’s quest to create functional art.


The Perch Light by Umut Yamac: It is a balancing sculptural light made of folded paper and brass. The lamp takes the form of an abstract bird which appears to be delicately balanced on its metal perch. The bird is illuminated through contact with the perch and this lets the bird balance and swing without any cables whilst maintaining luminance. The design was inspired by nature and in particular, the elegance and beauty of a bird sitting on its perch. The bird has been precisely counterbalanced to sit in a resting position on its perch unless activated into gentle motion by wind or touch.


The Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry: The softly glowing fish lamps are fixed to poles or wall sconces, while others can be placed on any existing horizontal surface. The forms elegantly curl and flex to suggest motion, while emitting a warm, incandescent light.


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