2-story house manufactured by Kodiak Steel Homes

Kodiak Steel Homes – Why Choose Them? (In-depth Review)

Kodiak Steel Homes (official website) are designed to withstand any type of weather conditions. Their frames can be changed to fit the interior and exterior design you desire.

A lot of people think that steel homes can never be like conventional homes. However, you will certainly throw away this misconception once you get to see the metal house designs from Kodiak Steel Homes like this one. They specialize in making pre-engineered steel framing systems that look very well!

This contractor has been in the industry for many years now and a lot of satisfied clients have affirmed the quality of their steel home kits. Read our in-depth review about this builder: what it offers and what you could expect if you decide to choose them for your dream home.

Image via Kodiaksteelhomes.com. More images of this home can be found here.

How It All Began – Company’s History

In 1979, the family-owned business of the House family created the Heritage Building Systems. They started selling steel buildings for commercial use. In a span of just a few years, they were able to grow the business exponentially. However, they have started to notice that their clients are not only using their buildings for commercial purposes but also for residential uses.

Most did it to cut down on costs, while others use it as residential units because of the durability and other advantages. In 1992, a hurricane devastated the state of Carolina and destroyed a lot of homes. But the clients of Heritage were happy to share that their steel buildings from Heritage had no damage at all.

With the available market for residential metal structures, the House family pushed their brother John House to head a new department. He was tasked to create residential steel buildings using the same principles of their commercial units. By 2003, the department separated and became its own company and in 2004, the family decided to sell their companies to Houston’s NCI LP, the largest producer of metal building parts in the whole United States.  Now, to become a truly independent company, they needed a new name and so they decided to call it Kodiak.

A shaped white metal frame home manufactured by Kodiak steel homes
Image via Kodiaksteelhomes.com

What Products Do Kodiak Steel Homes Sell?

A steel building that looks like your average home but better. Kodiak Steel Homes offer varying designs of residential metal structures. It uses its commercial framing system for its residential units.  Each Kodiak’s steel building kit includes the basic metal framing package. Additionally, you will have a lot of interior and exterior components you can choose from. You will also have the option to purchase these accessories in-house or from other sources. Plus, they offer delivery services as well.

How Much Does Their Metal Home Cost?

The total cost of a metal building kit from Kodiak would depend on where you are located as they charge you for the delivery. Additionally, the type of framing, design, size, steel durability, and other accessories would also greatly impact the total price of your building. Here are some sample prices. Note that the base price for each kit may change.

+2,000 sq. ft.(estimate)+3,000 sq. ft.(estimate)+3,800 sq. ft.(estimate)+4,000 sq. ft.(estimate)
Autumn View$48,342$59,039
Comparison of the price of four different Kodiak Steek Homes kits by square footage.

Extra costs:

  • Delivery:  $1,890 (Estimate)
  • Engineer Sealed Drawings: $2,800 (Estimate)
  • Sealed Drawings with Design Calculations: $3,200 (Estimate)

If you want to see more of Kodiak Steel Homes designs you can have a look at a few kits we have on our website above or otherwise visit their official website here with up to date information on kits and pricing. Please have in mind that you will have to register on their website first to see the total quote for a design. Luckily, registration is quick and easy.

Does Kodiak Steel Homes Offer Financing Options?

Loans are definitely part of purchasing any type of building, including homes. With this in mind, Kodiak strives to provide the perfect solution for every concern of your steel home including finances.

The company has partnered with New Century Bank, a specialist in steel homes with over one thousand metal homes constructed. They offer a fixed interest rate with a down payment as low as 10%. Furthermore, you get to choose if you want to hire your own contractor or a contractor from the bank itself. There are also short-term loans available for small sheds and workshops. You will find a financing calculator on their official website.

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Pink metal frame one story residential home with dar green metal roof manufactured by Kodiak steel homes
Image via Kodiaksteelhomes.com

The Advantages of Kodiak Steel Homes

Choosing Kodiak Steel Homes means that you will have a home for your family where you will be assured of their safety. A steel home that can stand the test of time in whatever weather conditions is worth investing in. Plus, unlike other steel structures from other companies, the designs from Kodiak all have aesthetic interiors and exteriors. Here are more advantages for choosing a Kodiak Steel Home below:

Steel Durability 

Other than titanium, steel is the most durable construction material that you can find. Surprisingly, compared to a wood-framed home, steel weighs a lot lighter. It is also highly resistant to stretching and pressing. Furthermore, it is fire, mold, and termite-proof.

Engineered Metal Framing System

Each design from Kodiak Steel Homes is fully certified by a licensed engineer. These are also designed to follow the building code of your area. They calculate the potential strength of the winds and load the metal home can carry.

Traditionally looking residential metal framed home with red brick siding manufactured by Kodiak steel homes
Image via Kodiaksteelhomes.com

Energy Efficient

For those of you who are living in the southern region of the US, you are surely familiar with the increase of energy use because of the frequent use of air conditioning in the summer. According to studies, about 90% of the heat is absorbed by the house. Although it passes through several layers like fiberglass, the heat felt inside the home is still quite high. However, with Kodiak, the metal house has a foil insulation wrap that reflects at least 97% heat from the sun. The metal structure also has Kyner roof panels which are certified by Energy Star. This is proof of the reflective properties that can lower the roof’s temperature.


Wood may be a renewable resource, however, once it is cut down, it takes years and many resources to regrow a forest. With this in mind, it is debatable what is more eco-friendly – timber or metal. Either way, to help the environment, the company uses recycled steel for its metal home manufacturing which definitely makes a positive impact on the environment.

Possible Disadvantages

The steel building kits from Kodiak have always been known to be structurally durable and aesthetically pleasing. However, there might be worries about the oxidation of the beams in the basement are of the structure – whether it is a home or storage building. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about that, because the steel used by Kodiak is of high quality and does not oxidize.

Client Testimonials

Over the years, many Kodiak Steel Homes customers have praised the company for its durable steel homes. When Hurricane Irene hit Virginia, a family was able to stay safe in their Kodiak steel home despite pine trees falling onto the roof of their house. Another client shared that although his garage from Kodiak suffered a few dents on the roof after a strong hurricane, nevertheless, the frame of the structure still stood strong.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s an example of how strong their homes are – this metal home kit withstood hurricane Ike! Below are a few word for word testimonials from happy Kodiak’s clients:

I was very impressed with the entire process from quoting the building to finishing the building. The entire staff was very professional in dealing with all matters. The building was delivered on the promise date and installed very quickly. The install was completed in a very safe and professional manner.

Grant. Source: Trustedpros.ca

The while crew at Kodiak steel buildings was awesome to work with, everything is always on time and in order, Travis makes sure you understand everything and sends guys to help if needed. The building itself is also an awesome purchase for the price it is very good quality and much faster to build than wood and only 2 people needed to build. It took me about 10 steel building sellers to find the right one. Other salesman just want you to buy quick and cheap with there “deals”.

Aaron. Source: Trustedpros.ca
White one story steel framed farmhouse with a wrap around porch manufactured by Kodiak steel homes
Image via Kodiaksteelhomes.com

Freaquently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I add a fireplace to a Kodiak steel house?

A: Of course, you can. Furthermore, you can place it anywhere in the house and have as many as you like. What’s more, a fireplace in a Kodiak house is much safer. This is because the whole structure is fire resistant.

Q: Can I have a roof made of a different material other than steel?

A: Yes, you can have a roof made of a different material. Just choose any of the designs from Kodiak’s website. You can create a custom quote and choose siding or roofing material that you like.

Q: Will my Kodiak steel home be prone to get hit by lightning?

A: No, it can be hit by lightning just as much as any wooden framed house. In fact, having a steel home is much safer. This is due to it being a conductor of electricity. Unlike wood where the lightning has nowhere to go and combusts the material instead, steel guides the lightning to the ground.  So, one of the safest places to be during a thunderstorm is to be in a steel structure like a Kodiak steel home.

Final Thoughts

If you ever find yourself wanting a metal home with a conventional design, choose Kodiak Steel Homes. Furthermore, each metal home kit is pre-engineered with a framing system that is quite easy to erect. To conclude, this contractor has been in the steel-framed home business for many years and you will find way more positive reviews online from past clients than negative. Also, their kits have way more advantages than drawbacks, and the price point very solid and affordable. In other words, it seems that Kodiak Steel Homes is really a contractor to put on your consideration list and have a call with your local rep to ensure all your questions and concerns have been answered. Take your time and do your own due diligence – Rome wasn’t build in the day nor a decades-lasting metal home kit.

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