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Jamaica Cottage Shop – Why Choose Them? (In-depth Review)

A two story wooden brown barn
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Are you looking to build a gorgeous cottage that is both stylish and functional? Jamaica Cottage Shop can help you with your needs. Whether you need a pool house to change clothes, a backyard bar to hang out with your friends, or a storage shed to stow away seasonal equipment, a prefabricated cabin designed by Jamaica Cottage Shop is the perfect solution. 

In this review, we take an in-depth look into their products and services, what their previous clients have to say about them, and gather all information we need to decide whether or not it is a good idea to work with Jamaica Cottage Shop.

Jamaica Cottage Shop Overview

A post & beam building manufacturer based in Jamaica, Vermont, Jamaica Cottage Shop prefabricates kits for cottages, sheds, cabins, and tiny houses designed and built to last. Their team values sustainable building, so their materials are locally sourced and sustainably harvested lumber. Their kits are also made to be easily assembled by beginners.

With each piece of lumber marked with a color-coded tag, their team takes the extra steps to ensure assembly is hassle-free. In the event that you need help, they have a support team ready to assist and provide guidance.

Pre-cut kits are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional construction because they are cost-effective, quick to build, and have a lot of potential applications. This is also why pole barn kits and barndominium kits are an ideal way of building a home.


The company was founded in Jamaica, Vermont in 1995. It began as a one-man operation that flourished into what it is today. The company now comprises a team of carpenters, support staff, delivery drivers, designers, and much more.

Today, they have evolved into a full-scale builder that ships their kits anywhere in the country, including surrounding states like New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. They can even ship to some parts of Canada

A rustic brown barn nestled in a picturesque countryside, with weathered wooden walls and a sturdy gambrel roof.
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Products and Services

Living Models

Jamaica Cottage Shop offers a large selection of living spaces that can serve all your needs, from cottages that can house your guests to bunk houses that you can use for a family getaway by a lake. Additionally, they have off-grid options that include solar, propane, and other off-grid power options. 

Did I mention that they offer tiny house models too? These models have everything you need in a home. There is much value in downsizing to tiny homes for a simpler lifestyle. 

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If this sparks your interest, check out their log cabin design with an open-concept interior. This building has a gable-style roof with high cathedral ceilings. It also features a 72ft porch. This 24×26 log cabin that you can use as a home or a vacation house is priced at $72,789.

A cozy and inviting light brown living barn, seamlessly blending rustic charm with modern comfort.
A light brown living barn. Image via

Farm & Livestock Models

Are you in the agriculture industry? They also provide shelter for animals as well as storage spaces for your farming equipment and tools. Check out their huge selection of chicken coops, barns, farm equipment sheds, garages, and much more. These buildings are reliable enough to withstand the elements and flexible enough to be moved to different locations. 

Their stall barn is perfect for keeping your horses and other animals safe. This building is available in 4 different sizes. You can also choose between two or three stalls. This 10×20 pre-cut kit starts at $10,684.

A sprawling brown farm nestled in the heart of the countryside, characterized by its vast fields, barns, and agricultural structures.
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Storage & Workshop Models

Whether you need a safe space to store your tools, prized cars, or workshop space, they have plenty of choices. Often, people rent out a storage unit to keep valuable things they won’t use for the time being. You don’t have to do that. Getting a permanent shed from Jamaica Cottage Shop can be a great investment as these buildings can also be used as garages and workshops. The possibilities are almost endless. For example, you can use these sheds as an office or an art studio. You can get a pre-cut 8×12 tool shed kit for $3,999.

A sturdy wooden brown storage unit, showcasing a simple yet functional design.
A wooden brown storage. Image via

Customization Options

Jamaica Cottage Shop offers a wide range of customization options so you can get exactly what you need. For starters, most of their models come in different sizes; the 8×12 tool shed mentioned earlier also comes in 10×12, 10×14, and 12×20. 

They offer insulation options as well. You can choose partially insulated or fully insulated. If you want full control over the type of insulation, you can also choose a non-insulated shell. You can order a fully assembled building if you are located 300 miles from their factory.

In addition, they provide options for the floor plan, doors & windows, floor system, interior walls, sidings, roofing, and porches for certain models. 


With Jamaica Cottage Shop, you can get a customized building with your ideal specifications and features. They offer a diverse range of selection and, with that, a wide range of costs. You can order a fully assembled shell or a prefab kit with your ideal insulation options. You get to choose the design elements and roofing material. All of these factors can affect the overall cost of the cottage. A base 24×26 Otter Creek Log Cabin starts at $72,789. Meanwhile, a 6×4 pre-cut kit of a utility shed starts at $1,448.

Client Testimonials 

“From the start, we have had a great experience with Jamaica Cottage Shop.  Fran, our sales person we very personable, knowledgable, and provided great advice.  Our shed was ready weeks earlier than expected, it’s delivered and is great!  We purchased the Economy Vermonter. It is a well built and quality shed and, for our purpose, an attractive and economical solution for outdoor storage. Amanda in Logistics was very friendly and helpful, and Matt, who delivered our shed, was truly amazing.  He arrived with a larger truck due to a second delivery in our area which posed some real logistical challenges. Not only was Matt skillful, he was patient and friendly and kept our “concerns” to an absolute minimum by explaining all the “moves” he had to make to get the truck down our driveway. He placed the shed in its location, balanced it, and installed the ramp.  All and all…we are thrilled to have chosen Jamaica Cottage Shop and to have their shed in our yard!”

Carolyn McCafferty. Source: Google Reviews.

“I trawled the depths of the internet and there are no better looking sheds than JCS. We ordered the Weekender 10×4 for our garden in Concord, MA. We live on a meandering dirt track lane so had the kit shipped to us and used Rick Rader (JCS MA installer, who is awesome) to put it together. The whole thing ran like clockwork and I’m excited to stack a half cord into the wood bin later today!  Still trying to decide how we’ll stain or paint it in the spring.”

Ken Fraser. Source: Google Reviews.

Advantages and Disadvantages 


There may be quite a few prefab kit builders out there. However, Jamaica Cottage Shop has its advantages over others. Firstly, their reputation is unquestionable; they have been featured on major TV channels such as the National Geographic Channel and HGTV due to the high-quality workmanship they put into their builds. They claim their post & beam framing is built to last generations. The kits are also manufactured to be easily assembled. To top it all off, they have competitive pricing. 


The only disadvantage of Jamaica Cottage Shop is that they don’t work with their clients to design custom floor plans. Also, they do not build off customer-supplied plans. This is something to keep in mind if you plan to build a fully customized floor plan.

Should You Choose Jamaica Cottage Shop?

Yes! For basic shed and cottage designs, they are the perfect builder to go with. If you have a building project that doesn’t require custom floor plans, you should definitely consider Jamaica Cottage Shop. They have a lot of well-designed models to choose from, designs that will last for a long time. For more content on non-traditional buildings, you can follow our Facebook Page.

Since prefab houses are getting more popular alongside alternative housing solutions like barndominiums and shipping container homes, follow our Pinterest Account for more content on these types of houses. 


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