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Insane Living Green Wall Decor For Your Home (24 HQ Pictures)

Vertical Living Green Wall

Living Green Wall is not just a recent fad. This idea sustainability had become more popular as many companies opt to “go green”.  Architectural and design firms had been incorporating the living green walls in various company offices like Etsy in Brooklyn and Uniplaces in Portugal.

If you want to know more about these living green walls, here are some of the things that you need to consider.

Living green walls are panels of plants planted through hydroponics. Hydroponics is an alternative way of planting a variety of plant species despite the lack of soil.  The living green wall is also known as a vertical garden because of how the plants are placed on the panel.

These walls were invented in 1938 by Stanley Hart White. He was the first who created a patent of these vegetal walls by incorporating it in Musee du Quai Branly in Paris. Because of this discovery, many have followed this innovation over the years.

Vertical Living Green Wall

One of the benefits of having living green walls would be a better environment. A recent study shows that structures which have vegetal walls have reduced the inhalation of polluted air and have increased 40% of fresh air from plants.

Vegetal walls also reduced cost. Many companies had tried to reduce cost by adding these walls to their office interior. The wall makes the place more refreshing especially on hot days.

Vertical Living Green Wall

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Another added benefit would be the visual effect. These walls give a more relaxing ambiance, and it makes the employees feel less stress.

Living Green walls thrive on the hydroponics and dripped system; there are certain things that you need to consider when you plan on getting one.

Types of plans to put on your living green wall. When deciding to get a living green wall, make sure you know which type of plants you should have on your wall. Know which conditions they can survive and if they would fit your preference.

Designs that you plan putting on your vegetal wall. Think of designs that you can add with your vegetal wall. You can create a variety with the help of the companies to assist your designing needs.

Which type of vegetal you wall should take. There are three types of walls; namely, the panel systems, versawalls, and freestanding walls.

Vertical Living Green Wall

Once you have answered these questions, then you can decide some vegetal wall ideas. If you are planning to use it in restaurants, make sure to ask an expert if it is possible to plant vegetables in your living green wall.

Maintenance Living green walls can be difficult to maintain. Many companies would often require a one-year warranty to keep the walls living.  The first months of the green walls can be really tough. It is important that the processes are done meticulously to make sure that the green walls would thrive.

Vertical Living Green Wall

 In conclusion, Living green walls are one of the innovations that we should consider having in our homes. It does not only create a healthier environment, but it can also help you reduce cost. It is important that before getting one, you should consider meeting with experts who can help you decide on having a vegetal wall in your homes.

Vertical Living Green Wall Vertical Living Green Wall Vertical Living Green Wall Vertical Living Green Wall


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