Aerial view of this majestic metal building

Huge Metal Building with Space to Spare!

Looks like your dream home at first glance? If not, look again. With an enormous structure, you might just be possibly looking at your future home and garage altogether! You are staring at the huge metal building with space to spare by Morton Buildings. Fall in love with the combination of khaki, walnut, and tan brown painted exterior walls and roof. Plus, the rock formation column right in front of this awe-worthy place.

It’s so huge, huge is an understatement

The tall glass doors and windows lavish its interior with natural lights perfect to save electricity throughout the daytime. It can serve as your gateway to the beauty that you can spy outside. Huge is an understatement, for this metal building is gigantic! Twenty metal columns stand at the far right end to support this massive structure. Impeccably huge to house a combination of ten cars and machinery, this metal building gives you plenty of space, not only to relax but to build your abode inside!

What a way to kick-start the day than to live nearby your humongous garage. Its tortilla brown-colored interior walls have immense space for frames and other things to hang around. You can place soaring and numerous shelves to keep things in order and organized.

Billiard table hanging around

With a place as huge as this, you better have a good grasp of where your things are. So, putting up towering shelves is the best to consolidate all your belongings. Things are just getting better; a billiard table is hanging around the nearly empty space. This should give you an idea as to what you can use the spare space for!

Stats: 81’W x 26’H x 150’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: 22-2891

Source: Morton Buildings

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