How to Decorate Bathroom on Budget (29 HQ Pictures)

The bathroom is probably one of the most overlooked areas of the room when it comes to decoration. This is due to the fact that it is hidden, and most people just tend to stick with the standard mundane clean style when designing the bathroom. However, this shouldn’t be the case as decorating a bathroom need not to be expensive. Here are some ways on decorating a bathroom on a budget.



Unused Ladders as Towel Holders

The rustic look is considered a fad nowadays. Recycling any unused ladder in your house and painting it to get that rustic look will be a great improvement to your bathroom. You can use this ladder as towel holders. It does not only keep your towels organized, but it also saves your bathroom walls as you no longer have to drill holes on it. This creative bathroom décor won’t even cost you a fortune.


Pimp the Bathroom Ceiling

The bathroom ceiling is most likely the commonly ignored area if you happen to decorate your bathroom.  Making your bathroom ceiling impressive is actually an easy task.  Grab a waterproof wallpaper and stick it up on the ceiling. This will certainly strike interest and create a dramatic effect in your bathroom.

shelvesDIY Crate Shelves

Another way of decorating a bathroom on a budget is by making your own shelves using pallet crates. These DIY shelves are economical as you can just recycle unused crates, or you can visit craft stores and get them at low prices. When you get the crates, all you need to do is to paint it with the color of your liking and place them on the bathroom walls. You can also stack the crates together to be organized. DIY shelves are certainly an inexpensive choice for storage in the bathroom.


Paint it Up

If you have some spare paint just lying somewhere in your house, then use this to make your bathroom very appealing. Paint the walls or borders of the mirror to make it stand out. If you are not really good with painting, just do any abstract artwork on the walls. Paint anything you want as long as it pleases you.


Toiletries Basket

If you do not have the ledges where you can put your toiletries, then making use of wire fruit baskets is a unique and practical solution. Use these wire fruit baskets are your storage alternative. Place them where it will be accessible for you as you take your shower. All bathing products that you use can be stored in these baskets, and you have the choice to either make use of two or three baskets as storage.


To add some finishing touches you could use such décor elements like candles, greenery, rugs or glass jars which are not only a great decoration, but it’s always great for storage, especially if you don’t have much of it in your bathroom!  Some cute accessories definitely add some stylish and exclusive features to your bathroom.

Decorating a bathroom on a budget is just a matter of creativity and resourcefulness.  You just need to look and think how you can use the extra things around you as bathroom decorations.  It doesn’t need to be expensive. It only needs to be useful and has aesthetic appeal, at the same time.

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