Fantastic Metal Building Home & a Shop Under One Roof in Texas (7 Pictures)

This breathtaking property found in Texas lands is one for the books. One look at this property and you are surely mesmerized!

The outer look which exudes extreme sophisitcation

Firstly, it exudes comfort with casual elegance. The exterior may look plain and simple with the porch and the carport in sight, yet it beckons with class and style. On the other hand, the spacious interior gives off a cozy feeling that makes one want to relax and cuddle in the comforts of the bedroom or in the stylish living room.

Secondly, the property offers convenience and practicality, what with a shop inside! Working from home becomes a possibility, thus getting rid of the hullabaloos of moving from one place to another. With its clean and roomy set-up, the shop is definitely stellar!

A very relaxing living room with so much personality

Lastly, the house with the shop in one is a vacation for the spirit of sorts. The porch that opens to a vast land of greenery is truly relaxing. It is just a perfect place to unwind, breathe fresh air and embrace the good Texan weather.

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A spacious and tidy warehouse for multiple purposes

Simplicity at its best — is what this property boasts of. The comfort, convenience, and practicality it offers are enough proof that this property is worth it. Rafter P Construction has surely done a great job crafting this majestic model.

Stats: 2300 sq.ft. living space + 3375 sq. ft. shop and 25’ x 75’ carport, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 floors, open kitchen, dining and living area, utility room, porch.

Plans: feel free to contact the contractor.

Source: Rafter P Construction

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