A huge mansion lies in a very fast field filled with lawn, bushes and plants.

Ever Seen Metal Building Mansions? Now Is Your Chance! (Pictures)

This mansion made by Lester Buildings is truly one of the dreams that car enthusiasts love to achieve! This is a type of condo that’s perfect for people and cars alike, and it boasts a marvelous design that never failed to catch our eyes with amazement. This is a well-made metal building mansion that has stone wainscot all over its walls.

It’s simply enormous

It’s also trimmed with white color so that it would look cleaner, and it has a light color for the roof. The front part of the building indicates another floor because of the terrace that’s located on the second floor and is adorned with metal frames for its decks and with glass for the walls. The place also provides fresh air because it’s surrounded by a green lawn and an abundance of plants.

The interior of the house is lovely because you will see a car condo right away! It contains everything that you need as a car enthusiast: cars, tools spare parts, decals, and even a huge wall where you can put more pictures of your cars. The space is enough to fit around 6 – 7 cars. The place is very wide up to the ceiling, and the car can be parked here with the help of the backdoor which serves as a garage door.

The other half of the top part – where the hallway is on the first level – is where the second floor is. It contains a bathroom, some extra rooms, and the path that leads to the deck upstairs. This building is a definition of glamour.

Stats: 60′ x 80′ x 18′ (around 9,600 sq. ft. in total).

Source: Lester Buildings


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