Duro Steel Buildings – All You Need to Know Before Choosing (Testimonials Included)

Duro Steel Buildings is known for producing and using only superior steel in all its structures. It’s the go-to for sturdy metal buildings at competitive prices.

Choosing the type of structure by yourself can be quite a daunting task. However, choosing the right partner to work with you to achieve the best building is just as important. Things like sturdiness, design, and price will most likely be the first things you will be considering. With all these in mind, Duro Steel Buildings will certainly satisfy all these and here’s why.

When you choose to work with Duro Steel Buildings, you can expect to have metal buildings that are strong enough to stand the test of time. They are not afraid to continually improve and innovate their designs to give their customers cutting-edge metal buildings at a competitive price.

Duro steel building with red siding and huge barn doors
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Why Should You Choose Duro Steel Buildings?

There are many steel companies that produce and manufacture steel buildings out there. So, why should you choose Duro Steel Buildings? Here are some of the reasons why:

A Customer-Centered Company

To this day, the company is still a family-owned business that produces pre-engineered metal structures for both commercial and residential use. You can be assured that from the start of the project to the end, you will have a Duro Steel Building staff with you to help and guide you throughout the construction of your metal building.

Duro steel building with bright green and grey siding
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The customer’s preferences are always followed. Duro Steel Buildings makes sure that every client is satisfied with not only the structure but the service rendered as well. They strive to meet your specifications using only quality materials.

Quality is Guaranteed

It may be true that Duro Steel Buildings offer a lower price than most of its competitors, however, this does not mean that they sacrifice the quality of their products. They only use the best materials used to fabricate your steel buildings.

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It has even made headlines for the strength of the structures it has produced. It was published by the Royal Gazette that the Duro steel building used to house racing equipment for team USA was unscathed even after experiencing Hurricane Joaquin.

Duro steel storage building with yellow and white siding
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Duro Steel Buildings utilize the latest breakthroughs in engineering and technology to produce the best metal buildings.

What Services and Products Does Duro Buildings Offer?

Duro Steel Buildings offer pre-fabricated and pre-engineered steel buildings for agricultural, aviation, retail, mini-storage, and commercial uses. You can visit their website to check out their designs. They have been in the industry for so long that they have become one of the most trusted names. They also make sure to take their time to understand your needs to construct a steel building that will meet your needs. Additionally, this company also wants its clients to be hassle-free by offering a delivery service that’s on-time with all your purchases damage-free.

Duro steel gambrel type building with red siding and big sliding barn doors
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At Duro Steel Buildings, you will have access to an array of options for accessories and more for your steel buildings. You can purchase everything you need for your steel building. It is a one-stop-shop. Furthermore, choosing to purchase from them would ensure that every component will be compatible with your new steel building. Another thing to consider is that they constantly have specials for those who purchase through the shop or online. So be sure to look out for that.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Duro Steel Building?

There is no ballpark price for a structure from Duro Steel Building. However, you can still get a free quote on their website. If you want to purchase a metal building from Duro steel, you would need to prepare at least $5,000 dollars.

A Duro Steel Building Backyard storage kit that is 30 x 20 x 14 square feet is around $3,800. Delivery would cost you more than a thousand dollars depending on the location. Because of the number of options and accessories available, the total price of a metal building can greatly vary. You don’t have to worry, though, because you will only have to wait between 24 to 48 hours to hear from the company’s representative.

They do offer more than just storage kits, but these are the easiest to price. If you want something custom-tailored i.e. agricultural building with living quarters, your best bet is to contact the company, since these types of projects vary in price wildly.

What is the Disadvantage of Choosing the Duro Steel Building?

The components you purchase from other sources might not always fit. Duro Steel Building is known for constantly updating and innovating their design concepts to give you the best. Because of this, some parts and components bought outside might not always seamlessly fit your metal building. Fortunately, you can purchase accessories and components in-house. It’s only one of the many perks of being a Duro Steel Building customer.

One story Duro steel building with sandy color exterior and red trim
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Client Testimonials

Energy efficiency is one of the advantages of choosing a Duro Steel Building. According to one satisfied client, their electric bill was about a hundred dollars during the peak of summer and averaged only sixty dollars a month after that. They have also experienced several storms, but their steel building from Duro Steel has become their fortress that is also extremely energy efficient.

Another testament to the sturdiness of a steel building from this company is when Hurricane Wilma struck North Fort Myers. The owner’s house sustained damages that totaled about forty thousand dollars. Meanwhile, their Duro metal building was completely and unscathed and did not even require minor repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can Duro Steel Buildings send you a quote of your building without speaking with them over the phone?

A: You will not have to worry about getting marketing pitches over the phones since Duro Steel Buildings does not use telemarketing devices.  With that said, the professionals and experts from the company would much prefer to speak with you over the phone to go the specifics of the features and components you would like to have on your building. Doing this will give you a more accurate quote of your steel building. If you find it too much of a hassle, you can still opt to contact them through email. You should get a reply within a day or two.

Q: Do you need a permit for your steel building?

A: The answer to this might vary since there are different building codes in each area. The best answer to this would be your area’s building department. However, a building permit is usually needed. Take note that Duro Steel Buildings will not be able to give you a building permit, though they can give you the technical building plans with a stamp from an in-house engineer for you to acquire the permit.

Q: What types of I-Beam Steel Buildings does Duro have?

A: Duro Steel Buildings have custom-made I-Beam Buildings  they also have designs for :

  • Single Slopes Buildings
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Cantilevered Buildings
  • Lean-to Buildings
  • Gambrel Buildings
  • Monitor Style Buildings
  • Storage Kits

Q: What kind of metal buildings does Duro fabricate?

A: Duro sells pre-engineered metal buildings for residential, commercial, industrial, and retail. They also have Red Iron Steel Frame structures available.

Final Thoughts

Truly, Duro Steel Buildings is your best choice for strong metal buildings with innovative and energy-efficient designs. They make sure to include all your needs in the structure they are fabricating for you. They also make it a point to have professional staff with you from the construction process to the end of your project. Plus, one more thing that’s great about working with them is that they have everything your buildings needs in-house. It is no wonder that they are the first choice when purchasing a metal building.


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