Simply attractive façade

Dream Hobby Garage for Car Lovers

Are you a car lover? If your answer is yes, you’ll be very happy to check out this dream hobby garage for all car lovers. Morton Buildings did a good job in building this incredibly marvelous building of the garage. The whole building is stunning in pastel grey-themed color. The façade is grooving with three parallel triangular roofing. The doorway welcomes you with wooden terrace poles and glass windows beautifully outlined with pastels of color grey.

Main road at the side section of the house

When you look at the whole picture of this garage building, you’d think it’s a splendid family home; you’ll be surprised to know it’s actually a garage with plenty of space for vehicles inside! The building is rectangular in shape, with all the space maximized for the rooms for cars inside.

As a garage, this masterpiece of a building is designed to be easily accessible to the main road. From the main garage entrance at the back of the building, space has evidently been made a priority for driving. There are 3 garage entrances; the center is the tallest.

Living area that gives a pleasant homely feels

Inside, you’ll be overwhelmed with the abundance of space in the different garage rooms. All three of them are strategically designed so that your cars can be neatly organized and can freely move in and out of the garage.

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Two parallel stairs along the main entrance

And, if you think that this is a mere garage, you’re mistaken. This building is just like any other home, only that it has a bigger space for the garage, though. Nevertheless, it’s got a living space, kitchen corner, and a dining area that allow for absolute comfort in daily living.

Stats: 60’W x 14’H x 105’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B070005510.

Source: Morton Buildings


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