A perfect view of the house from the lake. It lies beautifully on the ground accentuated with furnitures to give a more homey vibe of the house.

Deluxe Pole Barn Lake House w/ Rustic Porch & Stone Facade (HQ Pictures)

If you are looking for a perfect home to retire to one day or a perfect vacation barndominium by the lake for your family, this house might be the one that you are looking for.

A small porch by the entryway of the house.

This barndominium is a perfect definition of homey and luxurious combined. It has a rustic porch and a spacious backyard for intimate gatherings with your friends. This lakehouse has a luxurious and homey facade. This one-story lakehouse is wrapped in white and green paint that brings out the classic and homey impression of it. This metal building home also has a brick wainscot at the bottom; it is one of the details that makes it all the more special. The white overall paint of the house gives off an expensive and luxurious look that not many could ignore.

This barndominium lakehouse is a great place to grow old in. A perfect place for intimate gatherings, and family parties. This is a perfect place to unwind.

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Stats: 60′ x 72′ x 11′; 32′ x 48′ x 11′; 12′ x 40′ x 11′ post-frame building.

Plan: feel free to contact the contractor FBI Buildings.

Source: FBI Buildings


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