DC Structures – Should You Build With Them? (In-depth Review)

A two-story brown barndominium. Image via dcstructures.com

While many barndominium builders specialize in metal barndos, some homeowners want to explore building timber barndominiums. The problem is, finding a timber barndominium builder can be challenging. DC Structures is one of the few builders specializing in timber barndominiums. In this review, we will check out DC Structures’ products and services, the benefits of hiring them, and what customers have to say about them. 

DC Structures Overview


DC Structures is a building company based in Damascus, Oregon. The company was founded in 2002 and produces pre-engineered timber building packages. 

An aerial view of a spacious brown barndominium situated in a lush green countryside. The building features a symmetrical design with a central entrance and large windows on either side. The exterior is made of metal and wood, giving it a rustic and contemporary look. A wide driveway leads to the building, surrounded by neatly trimmed grass and trees. The image captures the serenity and peacefulness of rural living while showcasing the modern and functional aspects of the barndominium design.
A brown barndominium. Image via dcstructures.com

Products and Services

Let us look at some of the products and services that DC Structures has to offer. 

A stunning blue barndominium in a rural setting is captured in this image. The building's unique design incorporates both metal and wood materials, creating a distinctive blend of modern and traditional architecture. The structure features a large central entrance and several windows of varying sizes that allow natural light to flood the interior. The surrounding landscape is lush with greenery and mature trees, while a gravel driveway leads up to the building. The image depicts a peaceful and serene environment, perfect for those seeking a relaxing lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
A blue barndominium. Image via dcstructures.com

Building kits

DC Structures sells pre-engineered building kits to customers. Aside from barn home kits or barndominiums, the company also sells kits for horse arenas, garages, event barns, and pavilions. 

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An expansive grey event barn is captured in this image, situated amidst a picturesque countryside. The building features a modern metal construction, with a large central entrance that leads to a spacious interior capable of hosting a variety of events. The exterior is surrounded by vast open fields, with greenery and trees in the distance. The design is minimalist yet elegant, with a focus on functionality and versatility. The image captures the serene and tranquil environment of rural living while showcasing the contemporary style of the event barn's architecture.
A grey event barns a metal building. Image via dcstructures.com

Design services

DC Structures has design services if you want to order a kit but are not too keen on their pre-made ones. A designer from DC Structures can help you develop a custom floor plan to ensure you have a barndominium that fits all your requirements. 

An angled view of a two-story brown barndominium is depicted in this image, nestled in the heart of a peaceful rural landscape. The exterior of the building features a mix of wood and metal materials, giving it a modern yet rustic appearance. The design is symmetrical, with a central entrance leading to the interior, and multiple windows on either side. The building's spacious driveway is surrounded by well-manicured lawns and mature trees. The image captures the serenity and beauty of countryside living while highlighting the functional and contemporary design of the barndominium.
A two-story brown barndominium. Image via dcstructures.com


You can get a kit from DC Structures for as low as $148,000. However, this is a base price, and the actual cost will change depending on the customization or upgrade options you can avail of. 

An angled view of a large brown garage barndominium is depicted in this image, surrounded by a lush green countryside. The building features a modern yet rustic design, with a large central garage door and several windows for natural light to enter. The exterior is constructed with a mix of wood and metal materials, giving it a unique and contemporary appearance. The driveway leading to the building is wide and well-maintained, and the surrounding landscape is dotted with trees and open fields. The image captures the spaciousness and functionality of the garage barndominium design while showcasing the tranquility of a rural environment.
A big brown garage barndominium. Image via dcstructures.com

Client Testimonials 

“From start to finish, DC Structures exceeded my expectations. Their prefabricated building process simplified the completion of my structure and I couldn’t be happier.”

Katie Baker. Source: Google Review

“Working with the DC team was a great! They take pride in what they do, and it shows in their craftsmanship and customer service.”

Greg Woodhead. Source: Google Review

Advantages and Disadvantages 

In this section, we will discuss the benefits of working with DC Structures. Afterward, we will tell you about the drawbacks of hiring them to help you decide whether buying a kit from them is worth it. 


  • Wide variety of kits for other building types – While DC Structures is well-known for its barndominium kits, the company also sells a wide range of different kits, such as horse arenas, garages, workshops, etc. This is an advantage, especially if you plan on building another structure in your property along with your barndominium. You can save time because you don’t need to look for another kit provider. It can also increase the value of your property because all your structures will have a uniform look instead of a mishmash of different designs. 
  • They offer many upgrade options – DC Structures has many partner material providers to help you customize your kit. You can choose the color and kind of siding that you want. They also offer upgrades like adding cupolas, dormers, and decks to your kit. You can add an external staircase if you plan on building a two-story barndominium and want external access to the second floor. Another excellent upgrade is the addition of insulation to your kit. You can choose from cellulose, foam, fiberglass, insulated panels, or ICF. You won’t get this from other builders, so you’ll have to hire a separate contractor to insulate your barndominium. 
  • They have a detailed gallery of previous projects – DC Structures has an amazing gallery of previous projects. Their gallery showcases the quality of workmanship you can get from their kits and custom design services. The first thing that you’ll notice is how organized their gallery is. Projects are cataloged depending on the type of building, so you’ll see a folder for barndominiums, garages, hire barns, commercial structures, pavilions, and custom buildings. This is very helpful as it makes searching for specific buildings easier. 

The gallery of projects is also very detailed. Aside from providing the usual information like the total square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, they also provide details like the total square footage of the deck, patio, and garage. They also include specific details, like the types of windows, the basement, and the roofline. There is also a section discussing the custom features of that particular project. 

The gallery has a generous amount of images of both the external and internal sections of the projects. You can use these images as references when developing your floor plan

  • They provide a starting price for their kits – DC Structures provides a base price for their kits; this is the price of the kit before upgrades or additional options. This is a departure from other builders and kit suppliers that often require customers to email asking for a price quote. What’s great about this is that it can make it easier for you to estimate your barndominium cost since you already have a ballpark figure of the price of the barndominium kit. 
  • Has 3D building models – DC Structures provides 3D building models if you avail of their design services. What’s great about this is that it lets you virtually explore your custom barndominium. DC Structures will also provide you with access to their VR software to allow you to modify the 3D model if there is something you want to add or remove. 
  • They provide construction documents – The company provides construction documents to customers who use their design services. DC Structures also has partner engineers who review construction documents to ensure code compliance. You can use these documents to apply for a building code. You can also submit these documents to a bank that offers metal building home financing services.
  • Virtual builder support – DC Structures provides virtual builder support if you sign up with one of their licensed partner builders. This is a program that you can access anywhere and using any device. It lets you track the progress of your build, so you know if you are on schedule. The site also lets you access valuable resources like project details and design plans. You can also see construction photos to see how the building is progressing. 


  • No installation services – Unlike other builders or suppliers, DC Structures’ barndominium kits do not include installation services. This means you need to hire a local general contractor to assemble the kit. Going for a DIY build can mean additional expenses because most kit providers assemble the shell on behalf of their customers. 
  • They do not sell pole barn kits – DC Structures does not sell pole barn home kits, so you’ll need to search for another supplier if you are leaning toward building a pole barn home
  • They only sell timber kits – This is something we mentioned at the start of the article but bears repeating. Although they sell kits for a wide variety of buildings, all of them are timber. If you are looking for a metal kit for a garage, barndo, horse barn, or pole barn, you will need to buy from another kit provider. 

Should You Choose DC Structures?

DC Structures is an excellent option if you plan to build a timber barndominium. The company offers many kits that you can choose from. Each kit has starting price to help you estimate how much your barndominium might cost. DC Structures’ kits also have upgrades and options if you want to customize your barndo. They have a fantastic gallery showcasing their previous projects. Although they do not sell pole barn kits, we don’t think this is too much of a drawback. Ensure you like and follow our Facebook page to access other useful articles about barndominiums, shouses, shipping container homes, prefab houses, and others. 

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