Brown bricks and bright-colored stones coincide pretty well.

Custom Built Metal Hobby Garage w/ Living Quarters Upstairs! (8 Pictures)

Here is another unique idea made by Morton Buildings. This particular design focuses on hobby garage and living quarters located on the second floor. It is a countryside-inspired house blended with modernity.

This house is can accommodate larger groups or families due to its larger space. The ground floor is where the huge hobby garage room is located, alongside the storage room where it is built for safekeeping of items, majorly the unused ones, two bedrooms, living room for the guests to comfortably wait or for anyone who wishes to enjoy their leisure time watching television or play console games, kitchen, dining room, and small office, if needed. The second floor has another set of rooms, perfect for those who find the upper floor more relaxing.

A certain portion of the house has a wall made of rough stone bricks paired with a countryside-inspired door painted in brown to liven up the wall color’s dullness. The other portion is made of smooth stone bricks in brown with a bigger sliding door that matches the wall’s color.

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Retaining the countryside feels.

The walls inside the dining room are painted in off-white so as to brighten the area while the kitchen counters are painted in brown. A simple rectangular-shaped table is positioned at the center with black metal chairs surrounding it.

The door and windows giving an elegant feel.

Both the exterior and interior part of the house has a simpler approach, recommended for people residing in the countryside.

Stats: 36’W x 19’H x 75’L, huge garage and storage room on the main floor, living quarters with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, small office.

Source: Morton Buildings


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