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How to Create Romantic Mood Using Light


Moods are significantly affected by light. The brain releases chemicals that set off the different moods you experience throughout the day.  You can be in a happy demeanor in the morning due to the chemicals activated by the bright light, or you can be depressed in the absence of light. A passionate mood can also be achieved through romantic lighting. Here are some tips on how to create a romantic mood using light.

Dimming your Lights

Though the absence of light is said to cause depression or sadness, setting lights to low levels can generally initiate a romantic sensation.  Dimming your lights is fairly easy. Visit a hardware store and check for a dimmer switch, and ask an electrician to install it for you. You can install it in areas where you want to have that dreamy mood. The bedroom and the dining room will be the best areas to start.

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Customized Lamps

Lamps can also be great tools in helping you achieve a romantic mood. Customize a plain old bedside lamp by wrapping it with either paper, cloth, or anything that will reduce the level of light. In addition, put some designs on the wrapper to make it more artistic and appealing. This is probably one the best romantic lighting ideas available as it does not only brew a romance in the air, but it also makes your lamps as genuine masterpieces.


Christmas/Fairy lights  Another way to establish a romantic mood is by using Christmas lights or fairy lights. These tiny lights can create a magical illusion which is perfect for that special moment with your special someone. Light in yellow or golden tone is also preferred. To use this idea effectively, you must place or line the lights behind frames, shelves, walls, or hanging them from the ceiling. Remember to set it into a mode where it doesn’t blink so as not to deliver a holiday season mood.


Scented Candles 

When it comes to setting a romantic mood for a date, then nothing beats the candles as a means of romantic lighting. Whether you are in the bedroom, dining room, living room or outside the house, you can simply turn off all the lights and let the candles do the magic for you. There are a wide variety of candles that you can use. There are plain white candles and colored ones, but I’d suggest sticking with white as you can pair it with any background color. You can also choose between the scented and unscented ones.


It is not so difficult to achieve a romantic mood. All you need to do is to be creative. Everything starts from lighting, and the rest will just flow naturally. Try some of these tips and experience that magical moment with your beloved.

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