A very cozy loft located somewhere at the countryside.
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Cosy Metal Building Cabin w/ Wrap Around Porch (HQ Plans & Pictures)

This marvelous work by HousePlans is guaranteed to be wrapped with coziness and elegance because of its relaxing design that has great attention to detail.  This is a very simple type of house which is perfect for a small family.

The porch extends all the way to the back part of the house – perfect for hangouts.

What makes this more distinctive and relaxing is the wrap-around porch it has. The house is also surrounded by lush green trees that make you feel nature’s breeze. The back area of the house can also be a nice spot to set up a barbecue pit!

It has wide space inside as you enter the two-door entrance. The living room is also near the dining area and the kitchen, along with a backdoor that leads to the other side of the porch where you can grill.

The living room also has a hallway towards the master’s bedroom, pantry, and bathroom. The bathroom leads to both the hallway and the bedroom. There is also a staircase that leads to a loft where you can set up an office or for you to put your TV. The place has light-colored flooring and walls which make it all the more classy.

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It has more space in it that gives room for your utter creativity

This is one of the best house ideas to consider if you ever want to enjoy a more peaceful life with your small family in a rural area. Its entirety is just so soothing. When a rustic surrounding and a modern architectural masterpiece are combined, this certainly is the result.

Blueprint Plans: scroll down below!

Construction Ready Plans: click here.

Source: House Plans


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