Coming Back Of Timeless Velvet (26 HQ Pictures)


Currently velvet is one of the hottest textiles not only at home décor bur also in fashion. Velvet has been around since the eighth century and sprung out of Baghdad and Cairo. There is no denying that this cloth is associated with luxury and regarded as an indication of personal wealth and class. Velvet fabrics have been used for centuries to create some of the most fabulous evening wear. From royal robes through to the most modern of prom dresses, handbags, scarves all have used velvet fabrics as their primary material. Modern interpretation of velvet nowadays reveal velvet’s versatility, which lets us look at home on mid-century, vintage inspired or even modern designs. It’s texture adds a luxurious look, which instantly makes the whole space exquisite. If You are considering this posh fabric for your home, here’s what you need to know.


Velvet is definitely one of those materials that you buy because you want it, not because it’s overly practical. This luxury fabric has a suppleness that is perhaps not achieved in any other fabric. Because velvet has a nap or direction in which the pile of fibers lies, it catches and reflects light as it moves across a shape or folds. Velvet is dyed after it’s been woven, and the pile of its fibers accepts dye very well, so the colors tend to be quite rich. Also velvet is typically quite thick and dense, and makes a good insulation barrier, especially for window treatments.


Although this fabric seems to be irreproachable there are some issues that could be challenging. First of all Velvet is known to be more difficult to clean and maintain than many other fabrics. If you have pets, consider that velvet unfortunately is a magnet for fur. You’ll likely become friendly with your lint brush. Also, velvet shouldn’t be cleaned with water or with water-based cleaners, because they can flatten the fibers and change their appearance. Velvet upholstery needs to be cleaned with a solvent-based cleaner by a professional upholstery cleaning company. Some advertise they specifically have experience cleaning velvet and other specialty fabrics, so do your research. Quality velvet tends to be on the pricey side compared to other upholstery fabrics.

Velvet is created by clipping the surface of looped, densely packed woven fibers. Some velvet can be fragile, while others are on the tougher side. The durability depends on what fiber the velvet is made from and how dense the pile, or face, of the fabric is. A velvet with a higher pile but a less dense weave will not be as durable as one with a shorter, denser pile. You can’t necessarily tell by looking at one velvet sample, so touch several different velvets and bend them so you can see the base fabric and compare their construction.

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yellow velvet sofa Deep Green Bar Chairs burgundy armchair classic green colorful velvet furniture comfy purple sofa deep colors interior grass green sofa green details green sheets mint velvet sofa pink beauty shades of brown turqiouse dream

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