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Classy Cottage Home w/ 4 Bedrooms & Porch (HQ Plans)

Country living is the haven for people who find living in the city stressful. If you’re itching to get out of your current place and move into a home where leisure doesn’t equate to toying with your phones and gadgets, it’s probably best if you invest in a home that will bring your family closer together by sharing moments that don’t involve these distractions. This house is perfect for a family with around 5-6 members. There’s a long pathway that divides the yard, leading to this beautiful cottage home. The kids could also freely play in the spacious front yard. 

A sketch of the house

The front facade of the house as shown is designed and built in perfect symmetry. A massive front porch deck with white wooden railings can be seen upfront. This lends the house its farmhouse or country feel. French doors are used in this house. These French doors are perfectly coherent with the overall feel of the house. The given space in the yard is perfect for landscaping.

The family room of the house includes a traditional fireplace. There are four bedrooms that come with luxurious interior design. The master suite is filled with grand and classy fixtures. It has its own walk-in closet with shelves and a bathroom that includes a full bath, a skylight, a sloped ceiling, and a shower with a convenient seat.

This model can also be built on high-quality steel and metal frames. By choosing this option, you no longer have to worry about the resistance and durability of the house.

Stats: 3,035 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 3 baths. More details and features in the plans below.

BluePrint Plans: Scroll down below!

Construction ready floor plans: get here.

Note: this home may be constructed using metal framing, however, you should always consult your local architect-engineer and receive a professional evaluation if such an option is feasible for this plan and your local building codes.

Source: ePlans


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