grey barndominium for wyoming state guide

Building a Barndominium in Wyoming | Best 2024 Guide

grey barndominium for wyoming state guide
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Wyoming is a beautiful state if you want a barndominium surrounded by gorgeous landscapes. It is the least populous state, making it ideal for people who prefer solitude. It shares borders with six states, making it easy to explore neighboring states for a change of scenery. 

This article explains the basics of building a barndominium in Wyoming. If you’re new to barndos, we will explain what they are, their benefits, and how you can start building one for yourself. 

Can You Build a Barndominium in Wyoming?

Yes, you can build a barndominium in the state of Wyoming. Wyoming is one of the largest states in land area, giving you many locations to choose from. It is home to seven national parks, including Yellowstone, ideal for exploring on weekends. The state has a high elevation, hence a cool climate. If you prefer living in a warmer area, look for a location in Wyoming’s central and northeast portions where the elevation is lower.  

Wyoming Barndominiums Overview

It is easy to spot a barndominium because of its distinct barn-like appearance. Inside the structure, you can have your living quarters, shop, garage, home office, or man-cave. While most barndos are made of metal, some use wood or combine metal and wood as building materials. 

Use our Barndominium 101 Guide to learn more about these outstanding structures, the materials they use, design choices, etc. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Even though barndominiums are fantastic structures, they are not perfect. We’ll elaborate on their benefits and limitations to help you decide if a barndo is the right structure for you. 


  • They are cheap – If you are looking for a cheap alternative to a conventional house, try a barndominium. It is cheaper to build because its design is simple and easier to execute. This means that you can build it faster with lower labor costs. The simplicity of its design also means you can construct it yourself, reducing your labor expenses further. 
  • They are unique – Most traditional houses and buildings look the same, and a barndominium can help you have a dwelling that stands out. Its distinctive look gives a barndo character that separates it from other cookie-cutter designs in your area. It is also a great conversation starter when entertaining because your guests will most likely be new to the concept of barndominiums. 
  • They are low-maintenance – A barndominium doesn’t require as much upkeep as a traditional house. There’s no need to replace broken roof shingles, roof tiles, or brick façade. It would be best to repaint the exterior of your barndo every few years to keep it looking new. Be on the lookout for dings or holes in the metal sidings because they can let in water and result in the rusting of metal components. 


  • They can be difficult to sell – Although barndominiums are fantastic structures, most people still prefer conventional houses, so you might find it challenging to sell your barndo in the future. This doesn’t mean you cannot sell it; it just might take longer. To find a buyer quickly, connect with members of our Facebook group since they might know a prospective barndominium buyer. 
  • Financing may be challenging – It might be harder to get financing for a barndominium compared to a traditional house. For one, there are still some banks unfamiliar with them. Another issue is the difficulty in appraising them. Appraisers need to compare a barndominium to others in the area to appraise it better, and it might be challenging if there are no other barndos nearby. Visit our Facebook page to learn about financial institutions that might be able to help you fund your build. 


Adhering to building regulations in your area can ensure that you complete your barndominium on schedule. It can also help you avoid costly fines. It’s essential to remember that counties can implement regulations different from those of their neighbors. 

Instead of second-guessing yourself, get a complete list of building requirements and regulations from the local building and zoning office. For example, the City of Cody requires submitting an electronic file of plans for building permit applications. On the other hand, the City of Torrington requires two sets of plans. 


Wyoming is one of the best places to build if you are after low barndominium taxes. Its average property tax rate is just 0.57%. This places Wyoming among the top 10 states with the lowest property taxes. 


Insuring a barndominium in Wyoming is very affordable at an average of $805 per year. This is cheaper by around $500 compared to the national average. You can insure your building for the said amount and be confident that you can repair or rebuild it if needed. 


Financing a barndominium may be challenging for some, but there are financial institutions that can help you finance its construction. 

Wyoming Bank and Trust 

Wyoming Bank and Trust is a locally-owned bank founded in 1919. You can apply for their lot financing and residential construction loan to help finance your lot and barndo. 

First Northern Bank of Wyoming  

The First Northern Bank of Wyoming was founded in 1883 and is the oldest bank in the state. They have home construction loans for clients wanting to build their barndominiums. 

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Building a barndominium requires experts, and your best bet is to look for local builders to help you. They are often cheaper because they don’t need to travel out of state to build your barndo. 

Gadbury Construction 

Gadbury Construction has been operating in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for over 75 years. The company handles remodelings, additions, and custom home constructions. 

Pole Barns Cheyenne WY 

Shop builders based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The company builds barndominiums, commercial pole buildings, garages, barns, and metal carports. 

Western Building Supply 

Post-frame building specialists based in Wheatland, Wyoming. Western Building Supply serves Cheyenne, Wyoming, and several other states. 

Check out our list of barndominium companies that work on barndominiums across multiple states if you cannot find a local builder. 

Kit Providers

Because of their simple designs, it is possible to build a barndo on your own. If this is the route you want, ensure you buy your DIY kit from a trustworthy provider that manufactures high-quality kits. 

Pole Barns Cheyenne WY 

A Cheyenne-based company that supplies DIY metal building kits in addition to offering construction services. 

Western Building Supply 

Western Building Supply is a company out of Wheatland, Wyoming. Aside from being contractors, they also sell custom pole barn kits for residential use, livestock housing, garages, gyms, etc. 

Beehive Buildings 

Beehive Buildings is a pole barn company that’s been operating for more than 25 years. They serve the states of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. 

You can also use our directory of suppliers of barndominium kits that sell and ship to customers all over the US. 


A 2,000-square-foot barndominium in Wyoming might cost between $141,000 and $161,000

This is more affordable than building a 2,000-square-foot house which would cost around $200,000 to $420,000. To know about the estimated barndominium prices of your dream builds, use our barndominium cost calculator. You can estimate prices based on the size of your build, materials, features, etc. 

Where Can You Build a Barndo in Wyoming?

Small towns like Buffalo, Pinedale, Sheridan, and Lander are ideal for building your barndominium in Wyoming. Be sure to research your target area extensively to weigh the pros and cons of living there. 

2 Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in Wyoming

Some factors can affect your barndominium and its features. Carefully consider these factors and use them as guides as you plan your barndo. 

The number of stories you want

Although most barndominiums are single-story buildings, you can build a two-story structure. This is an excellent option if your lot is small. However, remember that building a two-story structure requires more and larger building materials, leading to an increase in your expenses. 

Your lot

Take the size and shape of your lot into consideration as you plan your barndo, and ensure that the planned structure is manageable for your lot. You also need to mind the setback regulations of your county, which refer to the distance you can build your structure from the property line. 

Is it Worth Building a Barndo in Wyoming?

Absolutely, Wyoming is a magnificent place to build your barndo due to its rich natural features. It has low property taxes and home insurance rates, so you can save in the future. Its low population makes it ideal for those who prefer a quiet and slow-paced life. 

Before planning your barndominium, look at our sample barndominium floor plans to give you a better idea of where to start. Our Pinterest account is also an excellent source of design ideas. 

Read our Barndominium Construction Guide for an in-depth explanation of the different steps of building your barndominium in Wyoming. 

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