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 Barndominium For Wisconsin State Guide
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Many people aspire to own a dream home with custom design and décor. However, the high cost of structuring a custom house makes it impossible for most individuals to manifest their dream home into a reality. Building your dream home becomes even more difficult in a populated state like Wisconsin, where land and construction prices are sky-high.

Barndominiums are becoming increasingly popular in states like Wisconsin, especially considering the high cost of building a house. Barndos are a better alternative, considering the expense of their complete construction and possible aesthetic designs. This guide will cover everything you need to know about building a custom barndo in Wisconsin.

Can You Build A Barndominium In Wisconsin?

Absolutely! The barndominium construction culture has been growing steadily in recent years in Wisconsin. With the state being located at the bank of Michigan Lake and the vast green terrain, it is an excellent place to build a barndo. 

The increasing number of barndominiums in the state can be attributed to the cost-effectiveness and luxury of building a barndo. What are you waiting for?

Wisconsin Barndominiums Overview

The concept of a barndominium can likely be understood better if you have some prior knowledge about barn shelters. In Wisconsin, barndos were initially used for storage, i.e., as vehicle garages and keeping livestock. However, they are now increasing in demand for residential purposes as well.

A barndominium is a residential building, and although it has some similarities to a barn shed, its primary purpose is to house people. In every other respect, it is comparable to an average house; nevertheless, the materials used to construct a barndo differ from those used to build conventional dwellings. By consulting our barndominium guide, you can quickly familiarize yourself with these one-of-a-kind homes and their distinctive features.

A barndominium in Wisconsin offers a distinctive aesthetic because of its unconventional design, especially for someone who prefers something different from a traditional house. These houses are initially built with steel sheeting on a metal frame to provide a sturdy base for a residential building. However, in recent years post and beam timber frames have become a part of barndominium construction, so today’s barndos aren’t built solely on steel frame skeletons.

Not only are barndominiums rising in demand in Wisconsin because of their unconventional house aesthetics, but also, little do people know that it is advantageous to have a barndominium in Wisconsin due to the weather.

Summers in Wisconsin can be hot and muggy. Barndominiums are ideal for hot climates because the barndo structure cools down quickly. If you’re looking for the most value for your money, a barndominium is your best bet in Wisconsin.

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Cost-effectiveness; The cost of building a barndominium is less than conventional houses. In today’s Wisconsin, getting a home of your own has increasingly become an uphill task. Therefore, a barndo is perfect for getting yourself an excellent living place without breaking the bank. 
  • Unlike other residential buildings, the construction of a barndo is easier and less complex. They take about 2-3 times less time than concrete or stick-built residential houses. Thus, building a barndo will save you time, money, and labor.
  • The maintenance of a barndo is economical and stress-free.  
  • Another significant advantage of building a barndo in Wisconsin is its sturdiness and reliability. A barndo will keep you comfortable in all types of weather. For instance, in summer, it will cool down quickly and retain heat during winter.
  • Barndominiums have lower tax and insurance rates than conventional houses.


  • Being less popular than regular properties, you can be limited in conventional mortgage loan options; however, several lenders will comfortably finance your project as long as you meet the requisite criteria. If you struggle with getting a loan approved for your barndominium, you can reach out to existing barndo owners on our public Facebook group to connect and find out more about financing. 
  • As barndominiums are usually erected on a steel frame, they are not corrosion-resistant. There are high chances they will rust at some point; however, with necessary maintenance, especially on their exterior, they can last for more than 50 years.


If you aim to build a barndominium in Wisconsin, you must comply with the “Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code SPS 320-32,” which states that the construction standards shall comply with chartered guidelines mentioned in the building code.

In addition to following the Wisconsin Dwelling code, ensure that your building materials, house/floor plan, and construction process align with International Building Code.


Barndominiums in Wisconsin are taxed like traditional houses. However, barndominium taxes are low since the value of your property determines tax rates by the state. 

The county assessor looks at multiple factors like the size, location, square footage, number of rooms and bathrooms in the barndo, and comparable properties in the area.

Since barndos are built using less money than traditional residential houses, they have a low tax ratio.  


It is imperative to get insurance, whether you have a traditional house or a barndominium. Getting a reasonable policy is vital to protect your family and investment. 

To get an excellent insurance policy for insuring your barndominium, keep a record of all your expenses during the building process, then get an expert appraiser to appraise your barndo. This will go a long way in assisting the insurance agent get the right policy for your building.


Financing In Wisconsin  

The most common way to build your home is to get financing or a loan. The same applies to a barndominium as well. Although it is sometimes challenging to finance a barndominium, it is not impossible.

For financing, you can contact a local bank like Summit Credit Union, New Century Bank, or Farm Credit Lender (Cooperative). If you are a bank customer or work there, getting the finance for your barndo in Wisconsin will be easier.

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Unless you possess the requisite construction experience, the priority when you intend to build a barndominium is to find renowned and experienced barndominium builders specializing in metal framing or laminated timber post-frames. Wisconsin has some of the most reputable companies that can assist you with the construction until completion while advising you on the best practices. Below are some of the best local barndominium builders in Wisconsin that you won’t regret choosing.

Barndominium Builders in Wisconsin

1. Wick Buildings

Wick Buildings, headquartered in Mazomanie, Wisconsin, possesses 65 years of experience in designing, engineering, and building quality post-frame buildings. Among the other barndominium companies, they straddle the industry like a colossus and are well-versed in the construction of agricultural buildings, pole barn homes, suburban homes, equestrian structures, commercial buildings, and barns. They are highly skilled in building barndominiums and know all the ins and outs of such projects.

Having vast know-how in the field, they deal with building custom structures for their clients throughout the year. They engage with the locals in a very professional and experienced manner. To learn more about them, read our review on Wick Buildings here.

2. Pinno Buildings

For over 40 years, the team at Pinno Buildings, headquartered in Rosendale, Wisconsin, has used their product knowledge to assist customers from initial project design to completion and built thousands of incredible custom-made homes. They have the technical know-how to turn your dream into reality. You just need to tell them the custom design of your barndominium, and they will deliver impeccable results. Pinno Buildings is recognized for its extremely knowledgeable craftsmen and workmanship. You can customize your floor design using their design software, and Pinno Buildings will effortlessly replicate it. Their service will indeed leave a mark on your heart and barndo.

3. Cleary Building Corp

With 40+ years of experience, Cleary Building Corp, located in Verona, Wisconsin, has perfected the manufacturing, delivery, and construction of customized pre-engineered structures. Their experienced sales and production personnel will deliver a stress-free design and building process for your barndominium. They have excellent reviews from the innumerable clients they have served since 1978.

4. Walters Buildings 

Walters Buildings, located in Allenton, Wisconsin, is an award-winning construction company with more than 60 years of building experience. They assist clients in designing their cherished barndominiums by connecting them with their manager and skilled engineering team. Their immense expertise in constructing barndos has kept them in business for a long time.

5. M.P.B Builders 

M.P.B Builders, located in Ripon, Wisconsin, is one of the renowned barndominium contractors that has won countless awards for their projects. They are a market leader in the construction of barndos for agriculture, commercial, warehousing, and residential purposes, as well as building post-frame structures and stud-frame buildings. M.B.P Builders will effortlessly turn your dream barndo into reality. 

6. Silloway Builders 

Silloway Builders, operated since 2001, prides itself as the builder of the highest quality pole barns in Berlin and Central Wisconsin and specializes in pole barn design and construction for commercial purposes and residential buildings. They will walk with you from the design and construction process to the completion of your barndominium. 

Multiple other barndominium contractors are available in Wisconsin state who can erect your barndo. Before choosing a building company, check their past projects to ensure they meet your requirements.

Kit Providers

Kit Providers in Wisconsin

1. BuildMax

BuildMax, started in 1998 as Equity Builders New Home Consulting Company has grown to become a significant player in the barndominium kit provision industry in Wisconsin. They are passionate about architecture, homebuilding, and saving people money. They are an excellent option to make your kit and deliver it where you want. The best thing about BuildMax is that they are fast and easy to deal with. They will ensure you get your kit in record time.

2. DC Buildings

DC Buildings has been a nationwide barndominium kit provider for over two decades. They are well versed in the field as they have designed and provided equipment for countless customers all over Wisconsin and are well versed with the geography and terrain of Wisconsin. 

The advantage of working with such great national builders and kit providers is that they are never short of resources. They regularly work with various contractors and will provide you with your kit without delay. They will readily collaborate with you to create the structure of your dreams

3. Hixwood

Hixwood is a company dedicated to providing its customers with quality products and services that will exceed their expectations. It deals with every supply needed for building your residential barndominium. Having experienced and well-specialized artisans, they will help to choose the proper hardware, accessories, and other building materials that you will need to build your barndominium in Wisconsin.

4. Worldwide Steel Buildings 

Worldwide Steel Buildings manufactures steel building kits and ships them to customers worldwide; hence they will effortlessly deliver anywhere in Wisconsin. With trained and specialized personnel, Worldwide Steel Builders designs barndominium kits following the choice of their customers. They make custom and flexible floor plans best suited for residential barndos. They design their kits to be DIY, but they won’t leave you alone confused but rather walk you through everything. Check out our review of Worldwide Steel Buildings here.

5. Meyer Buildings 

Meyer Buildings, located in Dorchester, Wisconsin, is another excellent option for purchasing the best tools and materials to construct your barndo. They provide high-quality post-frame structures according to individual needs at affordable rates to ensure that your barndo stands sturdy and firm for a long time. 

There are several other barndominium kit providers in the state of Wisconsin. However, before making your decision, check out the company’s previous work to determine whether or not it meets your standards.


If you are considering purchasing a barndominium, the question “How much does a barndominium cost?” has most definitely crossed your mind. The answer is that the cost depends on where you choose to build and the materials you choose. To get rid of the guesswork, use our barndominium cost calculator to estimate your project expenses roughly.

The most significant advantage of building a barndominium is that it is cost-friendly, unlike conventional homes. On average, building a barndo will cost around $150- $200 per sq. ft, depending on the finishings and the level of luxury you choose to go with it. Look at the cost breakdown in our barndominium cost guide to get an idea about the different price ranges of materials and labor. 

Where Can You Build A Barndominium In Wisconsin?

Barndominiums are best suited for rural areas. Wisconsin is highly populated but has an extensive lush green countryside. Therefore, it would be best if you opted for a rural area for your barndominium.

In rural areas, you will have ample space not only for your barndo but also for your lawn as well. 

3 Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium In Wisconsin

1. Housing 

Before building your barndo, consider whether you want a single-story or more floors. Some people prefer a single story with more roof area, while others prefer more functional spaces. 

2. Open Floor Plan Or Not?

Fewer partitions and greater communal areas are hallmarks of open floor plans. People often choose houses with an open kitchen and living room layout so that the cook can keep an eye on the action in the living room while the rest of the family watches television or a movie. Open floor plans are all the rage these days, so it would be a good idea to consider such design before building. 

3. The Appearance Of Your Lot 

If you have already purchased a plot of land in Wisconsin, you likely have a good notion of the size of the home you will eventually build. However, keep in mind the various ‘setbacks’ you can face. For instance, regulations imposed by your neighborhood or the city limit how close to your property line you can construct. Before building your barndominium, educate yourself about the covenants and restrictions for your neighborhood through the zoning office. 

Also, keep in mind what your lot looks like. Is it hilly, leveled, or in close proximity to a swamp? What kind of basement do you want, if possible, considering the land of your lot? Remember that most stock home plans can be altered to accommodate various foundation types.

Is It Worth Building A Barndominium In Wisconsin?

There is no doubt that constructing your own home is a huge task, but it can also be gratifying. Barndominiums are the new norm and if you are short on budget to build your custom house, then building a barndo is definitely worth considering. 

Additionally, since Wisconsin has vast landscapes and farmland, building a cheaper yet more durable barndominium will bring you all the comfort and luxury of a regular house. 

Firstly, you must consider your best barndominium floor plan – and we have plenty of these on our website as well as insurance, finances, and desired builders, among other things, which we primarily covered in this guide. 

In addition, if you are genuinely interested in building a barndominium in the state of Wisconsin, have a look at this epic barndominium construction guide we created and see the main building phases for yourself. Lastly, we hope this information will help you prepare and sail smoothly through your barndo journey!

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