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If you’re contemplating buying land and building your barndominium in Colorado, we have put together handy information to help you make your decision. Colorado in the Western United States is famous for its rocky mountains yet includes a substantial land area forming part of the Great Plains. Barndominium construction is in full swing in many parts of the state, so if you want to build your project there, you have many options.

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Can You Build a Barndominium in Colorado State?

Colorado may not be the first place that comes to mind when considering building a barndo. Mountainous terrain and heavy snow in winter with a windy climate may leave you wondering whether barndo building is even possible here.  

It is certainly possible! Colorado has spacious unoccupied land perfect for purchasing and constructing your barndominium. The durability and strength of a metal barndominium are perfectly suited to even high-altitude construction and can withstand fluctuating weather patterns throughout the different geographic areas in the state. 

Colorado Barndominiums Overview

The demand for Colorado barndominium construction is increasing significantly as the pool of people who wish to live in a customized metal frame home grows. Feel free to take a look at our Barndominium 101 Guide and refer to it as you continue reading the rest of this article for a complete understanding of what a barndo is and how you will benefit if you choose this building type.

If you’re more enthusiastic than ever to construct a fully customized structure to live and work in, then a barndo in Colorado is just the structure for you. Bountiful possibilities are available with a multi-purpose barndo structure. You can incorporate a storage area, a retail space, a beautiful home, or any other room under the same barndo roof. 

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • A Colorado barndominium can be customized to your exact preference. 
  • On average, it costs less to build a barndominium than a traditional home in Colorado.
  • A barndominium is fast to erect and a construction project can take as little as four to six months to complete. Builders can sometimes construct a barndo in even less time.
  • The cost to maintain a barndo is far less than that of a traditional home. A metal frame barndo will also require far less maintenance than other buildings. 
  • Your chosen barndo floor plan can include anything and everything you are hoping for. Flexibility in terms of the interior and exterior of your barndo is a great bonus.
  • You have an almost unlimited number of options when it comes to floor plans. This applies to the interior floor plan as well as the exterior floor plan you select.
  • Metal frame barndo insurance generally costs less than conventional home insurance.
  • The metal frame barndo is far more durable than a traditional home.
  • The barndo interior can be changed at any point after construction, enabling your home to accommodate any changes in your family’s life.


  • A barndo can be challenging to sell because even though they are gaining popularity, they still appeal to a niche market. You will still be able to sell but it might take longer than a traditional house.
  • In Colorado, not all counties are zoned for barndominium construction.


Building regulations for Colorado are not specified, and the general International Building Code (IBC) is applied throughout the state. However, the area you choose to build in may also have its own building codes regulated by the county or city governing body for that specific municipality in the state. 

Zoning permits will be required, and other permits will be necessary depending on the available public services. It is imperative to strictly adhere to the building regulations applicable to the area in which you choose to build your barndo, particulary, if you pick the DIY option. 

Consult with a professional to be certain, as it can be pretty risky not to. An in-state barndo building company will be able to direct you. In our article is a list of first-rate barndominium construction contractors in Colorado who are well versed in the building regulations for each county in the state. 


The Colorado barndominium taxes payable depend on various factors, including the size of your barndo, the purpose of each space within your barndo floor plan, as well as the county in which you are building.

Colorado has the fifth lowest property tax rate in the US, with an estimated 1.03% of the home’s value being payable yearly by the homeowners for property taxes.

In this instance, you can get a general idea from a local tax department in your chosen area. The barndo builders in Colorado will also provide you with details on how to find a tax assessor in the area.

Once your barndo is built, a local tax assessor will inspect the property to evaluate the exact property tax you must pay.  All the factors mentioned already will be considered during the tax calculation process.


Simply put, Colorado barndominium insurance is strongly recommended, and you should protect your barndo and its contents. The state-specific weather patterns and topography are vital elements to be considered when choosing the right insurance policy for your barndo.

Ensure to retain the services of an experienced local insurance assessor from a reputable insurance institution in Colorado, bearing in mind that the company you choose should have the relevant knowledge of Colorado barndominium insurance. Only one of the top Colorado home insurers should be considered.

An experienced insurance assessor will be able to advise you once they have assessed your completed barndominium and its furnishings. Work with someone you trust, only from a reputable and reliable insurance institution.


Your decision to purchase land and build a barndominium may be overwhelming as you consider the amount you will have to invest in the project to see it through to completion. This stress often prevents would-be homeowners from building their own barndos.

Barndo financing alleviates your fears and allows you to proceed to have your Colorado barndo constructed with less anxiety. An established local financial institution will provide expert advice to make your dream of buying land and completing your barndo a reality by securing a loan.

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Waypoint Bank

A professional bank with all the expertise to give you the right loan for your barndo construction project. This institution has two branches in Colorado, and has dedicated professionals to correctly direct you when securing adequate financing.

Community Banks of Colorado

With branches across the state, this institution can assist you in securing a loan for your construction project. You will be able to consult with a bank professional regarding your requirements.


There are several good options in Colorado when deciding which building company you should work with to construct your ultimate barndominium. It is best to choose a company with specific expertise in barndo construction. Below we have listed some great options for you. 

Colorado Bardominium Pros 

Dependable and with a good reputation in the construction of barndos, this building company is highly recommended. With several branches across the state, their professional service will be available to you from the start to completion of your new barndo.

Sunset Buildings

With an exemplary barndo construction record, this family-owned business will to assist you in designing and building your beautiful new home. Their completed building projects have stellar reviews from their customers, and they work efficiently to deliver exemplary results.

Rocky Mountain Developers

This company prides itself on building good quality metal frame structures in high-altitude areas. The company strives to provide its new and existing customers with exceptional building results.

Drop Tine Construction

This construction company is credible and trustworthy and can build your barndo affordably and efficiently. The business has a long list of satisfied clients and specializes in both commercial as well as residential construction projects, 

ReThink Enterprise

Top quality barndominium builders with a stellar track record and great reviews from past and existing clients. This business is focused on turning your vision of owning your customized barndominium a reality.

CountryWide Barns & Buildings

This building company has a solid track record in the construction industry, which spans over sixteen years. Their philosophy is based on providing outstanding customer service throughout the building project process. The company has several branches throughout the US, and their local Colorado-based branch provides barndo building services in several counties. An excellent and reliable option for your barndo building requirements!

You will be guided through every part of your barndominium construction project if you choose any of the above builders. We also have an index brimming with superior barndo builders and contractors all over the US for you to look at.

Kit Providers

Colorado Barndominium Pros

This construction company, mentioned in our ‘Builders’ section above,  also manufactures and ships barndo kits throughout the state. They are ready to take your instruction to fulfill your barndo kit requirements.

Sunward Steel Buildings

Located in Colorado, this business has successfully delivered over 50,000 barndo kits to various locations. If you choose to work with this kit provider, they will work with you to customize your kit and have everything delivered to your project site.

To assist you further, we have a catalog of the best barndominium kit builders/ providers spread across the US that are reputable and eager to build your customized home and ship it to your desired location.


Have you been considering what it would cost to build your fantastic barndominium? Our barndominium cost calculator is just the tool you need to start calculating different options while considering and processing the information we provide you with.

The cost to build your barndo cannot be accurately specified as so many factors are considered during this calculation process. The price will vary depending on various factors, including, but not limited to, the factors we have already outlined. We’ve done some comparative research to give you some general estimates.

In Colorado, ballpark figures start at roughly $180 and can go up to $265 per square foot. Be aware that certain essentials such as HVAC, insulation, power, and water supply may not be included in these prices.  A conventional home costs at around $200 to $415 per square foot. 

The guidance of an experienced and local barndo builder, such as one from our builders section above, would benefit you greatly in calculating the total cost to complete your project. A professional will also help you avoid omitting any aspect during your barndo cost calculation process.

Where Can You Build a Barndo in Colorado?

Your Colorado barndominium may only be built in a county or city within the state which has the necessary zoning for such a building. Before you purchase land, you should carefully consider which area in Colorado you choose to be domiciled in. Generally, barndo building is permitted in more rural areas and not in the major cities across the state. 

The barndo builders we listed above have completed several successful projects across the state, so they know which terrain is better to build on. Get in touch with a professional builder in Colorado to ensure the land you buy is suitable for your planned barndo construction. 

Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in Colorado

Selected Area

The piece of land you have chosen should be where you see yourself and your family for many years to come! Check that the county you have selected will suit your requirements, fulfill your expectations, and is zoned for barndo construction. The area’s topography should be carefully evaluated, and it’s a good idea to double-check that the land you wish to purchase meets your preferred criteria.

Weather Conditions

Generally, the climate in Colorado is dry, with warm summers and cold winters. The weather conditions differ across the state. Have you evaluated the typical weather patterns in the area you have chosen to build your barndo? The climate should suit your lifestyle and provide you with an environment in which to thrive and be comfortable.

Interior & Exterior Floor Plans 

Your chosen interior and exterior floor plans should represent the areas you wish to accommodate within your new building. Inspect your floor plans thoroughly and ensure you are satisfied. Customize the exterior and interior floor plans according to your needs and desires.

Budget Wisely

Calculate everything you want to be included in your barndo with a clear and crisp mind. Include everything in your overall budget so that you are assured of the best result possible. Remember to add the price of the contents you have chosen to furnish your barndo with. Budgeting wisely will ensure your construction project is completed as per your plan.

Interior Decor

Your interior decor should suit the floor plan you have chosen as well as your daily life. Think of everything you would like to furnish your home with and include elements such as electronic equipment and appliances. Planning your contents will assist you in adding that personal touch to make your new barndo a proper home for you and your family.

We invite you to discover even more creative concepts by browsing through our abundance of breathtaking pictures on our Pinterest account while you consider these factors and the contents of our article. Get excited about building your barndo and fill up your own boards with creative ideas. 

Is it Worth Building a Barndo in Colorado?

Colorado barndominium building is increasingly growing in its appeal to more people, so it is definitely worth it! The areas zoned for barndo construction provide the perfect landscape for city-distant living, and there are several service providers at your doorstep, ready and geared to build for you. 

For further clarification in respect of the progression of your project from start to completion, we encourage you to read our barndominium construction guide. Have another look at our catalog of brilliant floor plans and excellent barndo exteriors. You have everything you need on our website to make your hopes of owning your very own Colorado barndo a reality!


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