Why & How to Build a Barndominium in North Texas | 2024 Guide


Are you thinking of building your dream home? Are you being put off by the steep costs of traditional housing? Barndominiums to the rescue! Whether you want a low-cost alternative or just prefer to explore options to regular boring houses, building a barndominium in North Texas is the answer. 

This article aims to provide all the information you need about building a barndominium in North Texas. We will lay out the advantages and disadvantages of barndominiums as well as builders that can help you with your barndo project in North Texas. Get ready to dive into the world of barndominiums!

Main Reasons to Own a Barndominium in North Texas

You have probably heard of barndominiums. They are one of the country’s most popular types of alternative housing. If you are unfamiliar with barndos, you can check out our Ultimate Barndominium Guide, a comprehensive guide about barndominiums. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for more content about these awesome homes.

Here are some of the reasons to build a barndominium in North Texas. 

Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living is one, if not the most significant factor when deciding where to settle down. The cost of living varies significantly across the country, so you need to look into the available data on living costs before moving. North Texas is one the most affordable areas to live in. Take Dallas, for example. The rent in Dallas is 46% lower than in New York on Average. Regarding the cost of living, Dallas is 24.3% less expensive than New York.

In addition, barndominiums generally are cheaper to build and maintain compared to traditional stick-built homes. Check out our article on barndominium cost for more information. 

Nice Weather

North Texas enjoys remarkably consistent weather patterns, offering a pleasant cycle of seasons throughout the year. Winters are mild, spring brings delightful weather, summers are hot with a touch of humidity, and falls are characterized by lovely coolness. 

While occasional tornadoes are a concern, major population centers have remained unscathed for a significant duration, a testament to the region’s preparedness and resilience. In addition, barndominiums are built to withstand those rare but extreme weather conditions. For a more in-depth look at barndominium construction, we have listed the steps of framing a barndominium. You will see that barndominiums have robust and sturdy structures.

Safe Communities

Communities in North Texas are known for being safe and secure, making it a welcoming place for everyone. They focus on working together and having helpful police departments to create an environment where people can thrive without worrying too much.

Neighborhoods in North Texas are tight-knit and caring, with residents looking out for each other. The strong unity and dedicated law enforcement make people feel safe. The police are always ready to help quickly when there’s a problem. There isn’t much crime in North Texas, which is great for families, individuals, and businesses. Overall, North Texas is an excellent place to own a barndominium.

Building a Barndominium in North Texas

We are committed to making this guide as informative as possible. With that said, it is crucial to talk about the pros and cons of building a barndominium in North Texas so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to pull the trigger. 


  • Low Cost: We have briefly touched on this topic above, but it is worth mentioning again. Cost is one of the biggest reasons why barndominiums are growing in popularity. The build cost of barndominiums is substantially diminished if you opt to buy a prefab kit. You will get all the features of a modern home at a lower cost.
  • Can be Built Quicker: Due to the nature of their construction, barndominiums can be built relatively quickly. On average, it takes half the time to construct a barndominium compared to traditional homes. This results in fewer labor expenses and more savings!
  • Energy Efficient: Another great feature of barndos is their energy efficiency. Barndominium insulation ensures that temperature swings are at a minimum. This ensures that your home stays warm in winter and cool in summer—more comfort; fewer utility expenses.
  • Customization: Barndominiums can be customized to fit your exact needs. The structure does not depend on load-bearing walls making them the perfect blank canvas for custom floor plans. You can check out our Instagram Page for unique custom ideas to incorporate into your home.  
  • Longevity: These homes are built with high-quality, robust materials that can withstand the test of time. The reliability of barndominium construction will give you peace of mind. We also put together an article that explains why barndominiums are safe.


  • Resale Value: While barndominiums are cost-effective alternatives to traditional homes, they do not hold as much value in the real estate market. This is because barndominiums are still considered niche, meaning they don’t have as many buyers as stick-built homes.
  • Zoning Restrictions: Certain neighborhoods may have restrictions that do not allow barndominiums. It is essential to confirm whether or not barndominiums are allowed before purchasing land in a certain area.
  • Financing: Financing barndominiums can prove challenging because some lenders do not recognize them as houses. However, this is changing as more and more financing institutions are now willing to finance barndos.


Property taxes will apply to barndominiums in North Texas as with regular stick-built homes. If you want to go into detail about how property taxes work, check out our informative guide on Barndominium Taxes.

Tax rates will vary in different counties in North Texas, just as in any other part of the country. It is important to consult with local tax professionals to get information on tax regulations. Denton County, as an example, has a median annual property tax of $6,384 with median property values of around $297,100. This is an average tax rate of 2.15%, making it one of the state’s highest tax rates.

Keeping track of the expenses of your barndominium project may be necessary for potential tax deductions. Consult with your tax adviser for the incentives or deductions you may be eligible for.

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A barndominium project in East Texas is a huge undertaking that involves hefty expenses. It is essential to consider getting barndominium insurance for your investment to protect it from risks of damage. While insurance is not required by law, financing institutions may require insurance coverage for your barndo home. Regardless, homeowners insurance is something that we recommend to prevent the potentially devastating loss of your asset.

Most insurance policies cover damages from fire, lightning strikes, explosions, theft, vandalism, windstorms, and hurricanes. Coverage may vary from different insurance providers, so it is crucial to look into multiple providers to choose the best deal.  The average home insurance in Texas is $1967 for a $250,000 home. This is higher than the national average—38% more, to be exact.


As you know, housing projects involve huge chunks of funds. This may be too stressful for those working on a tight budget. This is where financing comes in. With the help of barndominium financing, your dream home can become a reality. 

Lone Star AG Credit

Lone Star Ag Credit, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, is a cooperative lender specializing in rural land and agricultural financing. With 15 offices across 48 Texas counties, boasting $2.5 billion in assets, and a Farm Credit System member, their knowledgeable loan specialists cater to farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, rural homeowners, and even urban dwellers aspiring to own rural homes. 

The Texas Mortgage Pros

The Texas Mortgage Pros team, spread across different Texas cities, is dedicated to providing clients with high-quality mortgage services. They offer a variety of loan programs and competitive rates in areas like Spring, San Antonio, Tomball, The Woodlands, Dallas, Austin, and Houston. Their experienced mortgage professionals work closely with clients to secure tailored home loans for various needs, whether purchasing a dream home, refinancing, or consolidating debt. They aim to find the best loan program at the most favorable rate.

Local Builders & Kit Providers

Working with a reputable and experienced team is vital when building your dream home. You must find the best local builders and kit providers to build your ideal floor plan. We have listed our recommendations below.


Rafter P Construction

Rafter P Construction has gained significant recognition, especially in Northern Texas, due to its impressive portfolio of over a hundred completed projects spanning two decades. Their reputation is attributed to the excellence of their service, a credit to their skilled workforce and construction and design experts.

A key aspect that endears them to many is their corporate philosophy, centered around building quality and exceeding their clients’ expectations.

Metal Buildings of Texas

Owned by Douglas and Colby Lilley, Metal Buildings of Texas has been delivering construction services to East Texas and its neighboring regions since 2012. Despite being headquartered in Livingston, Texas, and primarily serving Texan clients, the company also extends its expertise to Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas customers.

Precision Barn Homes

Precision Barn Homes is a North Texas custom home builder specializing in barndominiums. They offer a variety of styles and prioritize quality, customer service, and energy efficiency. Their skilled team handles everything from land acquisition to construction, ensuring a seamless process for clients across multiple counties.

American Barns

American Barns is a family-owned and operated Post-Frame contractor specializing in crafting custom wood-framed horse barns, cabins, and barndominiums. With 16 years of experience and based in Weatherford, Texas, they offer diverse design options and flexible services, whether for small or large projects. Clients can provide ideas or collaborate from scratch, tailoring their structures to unique preferences and even customizing interiors.

Kit Providers

Rhino Steel

A provider of metal building kits and structural design solutions, Rhino Steel caters to diverse categories of steel constructions. The company is headquartered in Texas and boasts a network of 7 shipping locations strategically positioned throughout the continental US, facilitating the delivery of metal buildings to customers nationwide. Their metal buildings are distinguished by premium attributes, which sets them apart from other manufacturers of prefabricated steel structures.

Metal Depots

Operating from Georgia, Metal Depots is a prominent distributor of pre-engineered steel units across North America. These units are exclusively crafted by their parent entity, Cornerstone Building Brands, renowned for delivering superior metal accessories. With an expansive presence, Metal Depots boasts nine store branches throughout the central United States, effectively meeting the requirements of property owners spanning South Carolina, Texas, North Carolina, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

Absolute Steel Texas

Absolute Steel Texas is among the forefront manufacturers and providers of metal building kits nationwide. Renowned for their expertise, they craft steel building systems to suit residential and commercial needs. Their offerings span a diverse array, encompassing barndominiums, garage kits, cabins, agricultural structures, commercial covered parking, RV and boat covers, and beyond. 

Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in East Texas

It’s no secret that building your dream home takes serious planning. Before starting your barndominium project, there are some essential things to consider to make sure you won’t run into any serious trouble. A construction project will revolve around its budget. You will need to carefully plan the expenses and potential additional costs that may arise. Next, consider your barndominium’s floor plan. You need to consider your family’s needs and design your home around that. If there are any special features you require your home to have, it must fit within your budget. 

You also need to consider the aesthetics of your home. The appearance and design elements of the barndominium will significantly affect its appeal and atmosphere. Your home will be where you will be spending most of your time, after all.

Another thing you need to consider is the location where you will be building your home. North Texas has a lot of gorgeous land available. However, it is also important to consider your home’s distance from schools, your workplace, and other places you will be visiting regularly. 

Determine your non-negotiables and make sure you have considered everything. With proper planning, you will be better prepared for a successful endeavor. 


Building a home in North Texas will not be a walk in the park, but with the wide range of experienced builders and kit providers at your disposal, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you get your financing in order, purchase land, finalize a floor plan with a builder, and get all the necessary permits, you are on your way to having a dream home in North Texas. 

If you’ve still not decided on building a barndominium, follow our Facebook Page to look into other alternative housing choices, such as shipping container houses and pole barn homes. You can also be part of our Facebook Group and engage in discussions with other barndo owners!